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Texas Rangers (1874 - 1920)

What do you know about the Texas Rangers? Try this Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

Texas Rangers Badge - Alan's Old West History Made Easy Trivia powered by ABE1. The Texas legislature authorized the re-commissioning of the Rangers, and a special force was created: it consisted of six companies of 75 men each under the command of Major John B. Jones. What was their name?

  • Frontier Battalion
  • Ranger Battalion
  • Frontier Troops

2. The new ranger group was soon augmented with a second military group of 40 men under Captain Leander H. McNelly, with the specific task of bringing order in the area of south Texas between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande, called the Nueces Strip. What was this group called?

  • Nueces Force
  • Special Force
  • Border Rangers

3. It was at these times that many of the Rangers' myths were born, such as their success in capturing or killing notorious criminals and desperados. Who was NOT a notorious criminal?

  • Jimmy Ringo
  • Sam Bass
  • John Wesley Hardin

4. It was also during these years that the Rangers suffered the only defeat in their history when they surrendered at the Salinero Revolt in 1877.

  • True or False?

5. The old Rangers were disbanded with the passing of new legislation on July 8, 1901, and a new Ranger force was created, consisting of four companies of "no more than 20 men each" with a captain in command of every unit. The Rangers had evolved into an agency with an exclusive law enforcement focus.

  • True or False?

6. The Mexican Revolution that began in 1910 against President Porfirio D�az changed the relatively peaceful state of affairs along the border. The political decision of the Texans was to restore control and order by any necessary means. The Texas governor instructed Ranger Captain John R. Hughes, "...you and your men are to keep Mexican raiders off of Texas territory if possible, and if they invade the State let them understand they do so at the risk of their lives." Who was the governor

  • Ernest Clay Day
  • Oscar Branch Colquitt
  • Mark Reynolds

7. Who on March 9, 1916, led 500 Mexican raiders in a cross-border attack against Columbus, New Mexico, increasing the high tension that had already existed between the communities.

  • Jose Jimenez
  • Elfago Blaco
  • Pancho Villa

8. The final straw was the killing of innocent villagers, wrongly accused of raiding the Brite Ranch Store on Christmas Day in 1917. In January 1918 a heavily armed group of Texas Rangers, ranchmen and members a troop of U.S. Cavalry descended upon the tiny community of Porvenir, Texas on the Mexican border in western Presidio County. The Rangers and company rounded up the inhabitants of the village and searched their homes. They then proceeded to gather all the men in Provenir (fifteen Mexican men and boys ranging in age from 16 to 72 years) and march them off into the darkness. A short distance from Porvenir, the men were lined up against a rock bluff and shot to death.

  • True or False?

9. The Texas legislature passed a resolution to purge it and enhance it and its procedures. All special Ranger groups were disbanded; the four official companies were kept, albeit their members were reduced from 20 to 15 each; better payment was offered in order to attract men of higher personal standards; and a method for citizens to articulate complaints against any further misdeeds or abuses was established. When was the resolution passed?

  1. March 31, 1919
  2. April 30, 1920
  3. May 31, 1921

10. With the passage of the Volstead Act and the beginning of the Prohibition on January 16, 1920, their duties extended to scouting the border for tequila smugglers and detecting and dismantling the illegal stills that abounded along Texas's territory.

  • True or False?


Texas Rangers (The Early Years)

  1. Frontier Battalion
  2. Special Force
  3. Jimmy Ringo
  4. True
  5. True
  6. Oscar Branch Colquitt
  7. Pancho Villa
  8. True
  9. March 31, 1919
  10. True

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