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Old West Lingo Trivia - D

What do you know about Old West Lingo? Take this Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz.  You'll find answers at the bottom of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) Dabble in gore is to become entangled in a shooting scrape.

  • True or False?

2) What is the name used on the desert for a whiling sandstorm?

  • Dust devil
  • Dancing devil
  • Danger devil

3) Daniel Boones are a cowman's contemptuous title given to long-hared pseudo scouts and would-be bad men.

  • True or False?

4) Dashboard running jeans are what he logger calls bibless overalls.

  • True or False?

5) What is riding so that daylight can be seen between the rider's seat and the saddle.

  • Daylightin'
  • Dayshine
  • Day money

6) What is the cowboy's name for a runty calf?

  • Deacon
  • Day calf
  • Dead calf

7) What do cowman call a drinking or gambling establishment of bad repute?

  • Deadfall
  • Dead Days
  • Dead Nights

8) What is to get the drop on an enemy or to gain an advantage over someone?

  • Dead meat
  • Deal card
  • Deadwood

9) Diggings are a jail.

  • True or False?

10) What was the name for the bunkhouse?

  • Dollhouse
  • Dobbiehouse
  • Doghouse

Old West Lingo Trivia - D Answers

  1. True
  2. Dancing devil
  3. True
  4. True
  5. Daylightin'
  6. Deacon
  7. Deadfall
  8. Deadwood
  9. False. Diggings are a mine.
  10. Doghouse

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