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John Tunstall

What do you know about John Tunstall?
Have a shoot out with this Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz.
Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1) John Henry Tunstall was born on March 6, 1853 in Hackney, London, England.
When did he emigrated to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to work at Turner, Beeton & Tunstall, a store in which his father was a partner?John Tunstall

  1. July 1871
  2. August 1871
  3. June 1872
  4. August 1872

2) When did Tunstall leave Canada for the United States?

  1. February 1873
  2. February 1874
  3. February 1875
  4. February 1876

3) He spent six months investigating sheep ranches in California, but decided to try New Mexico, where land was cheaper and more abundant for ranching.

  • True or False?

4) Tunstall bought a ranch some 30 miles nearly due south of the town of Lincoln, and went into business as a cattleman.

  • True or False?

5) What town he also set up a mercantile store and bank down the road from the Murphy & Dolan mercantile and banking operation?

  1. Lincoln
  2. Glencoe
  3. Ruidoso
  4. Carrizozo

6) Tunstall was eager to make money. When he set up his store, he offered high prices and bad dealings. The locals flocked to do business with Murphy and Dolan and to get out from under him.

  • True or False?

7) Tunstall's mercantile business put him into conflict with the powerful political, economic, and judicial structure that ruled New Mexico Territory.
What was this group of men was known as?

  1. Santa Fe Ring
  2. El Rosa Gang
  3. Mucho Grandee Club
  4. Club Capital

8) Murphy and Dolan tried to put Tunstall out of business, first harassing him legally, then trying to goad Tunstall into a gunfight, using hired gunmen, most of whom were members of the Jesse Evans Gang.
What was another name for the Evans Gang?

  1. Rangers
  2. Wranglers
  3. Boys
  4. Fast Guns

9) Tunstall recruited half a dozen local small ranchers and cowboys from those who had reason to dislike Murphy and Dolan. These men worked his ranch and protected him while he tried to settle his conflict with Murphy and Dolan.
Besides Billy, who was one of Tunstall�s men?

  1. Richard "Dick" Brewer
  2. Kirk Gibson
  3. Wayne Allen
  4. Tim Norton

10) John Tunstall was killed on February 18, 1878.
Where was he buried?

  1. Tinnie Cemetery, Tinnie, New Mexico
  2. Tunstall-McSween Gravesite, Lincoln, New Mexico, Plot: Behind Tunstall Store
  3. Lincoln National Forest, Capitan, New Mexico
  4. Fort Stanton Cemetery, Fort Stanton, New Mexico

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John Tunstall

1) D. 2) D. 3) True 4) True 5) A. 6) False. Tunstall was eager to make money.  When he set up his store, he offered decent prices and reasonable dealings.  The locals flocked to do business with him and to get out from under Murphy and Dolan. 7) A. 8) C. 9) A. 10) B.


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