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Battle of Lincoln, New Mexico

The Battle of Lincoln, New Mexico, usually referred to as the Battle of Lincoln (July 15th through July 19th, 1878) was the largest armed conflict of the Lincoln County War, a now famous range war taking place in Lincoln, New Mexico.

What do you know about the Battle of Lincoln, New Mexico? Try this Alan's Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz. You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) The range war had begun with the murder of rancher by members of the Jessie Evans Gang, who had been hired by the "Murphy-Dolan" faction as gunmen to harass that factions competition. Who was the rancher murdered?Old West History Made Easy

  • John Tunstall
  • John Chisholm
  • John England

2) The murder and the subsequent lack of action by Lincoln County Sheriff William J. Brady led to the formation of the Lincoln County Regulators, led by Dick Brewer and other friends and supporters of the dead rancher. Who was NOT a Regulators?

  • Billy the Kid
  • Charlie Bowdre
  • Max McGee

3) On April 29th, 1878, a posse including the Jessie Evans Gang and the Seven Rivers Warriors, under the direction of Sheriff Peppin, engaged Regulators Frank McNab, Ab Saunders, and Frank Coe in a shootout at the Fritz Ranch. Who was killed?

  • Frank McNab
  • Jessie Evans
  • Ab Saunders

4) April 30th, 1878, Seven Rivers members Tom Green, Charles Marshall, Jim Patterson and John Galvin were killed in Lincoln, and although the Regulators were blamed, that was never proven.

  • True or False?

5) George Coe, also a Regulator and the cousin of Frank Coe, took up position on the roof of McSween's house. George Coe, missing his trigger finger due to an earlier gunfight with Buckshot Roberts, took aim at 'Dutch Charlie' Kruling, a member of the Seven Rivers Warriors gang. The distance has been estimated at being 444 yards, but that has never been confirmed, although it was likely in excess of 350 yards. Henry Newton Brown warned Coe he was wasting his shot, and could not hope to hit him at that distance. To Brown�s astonishment, Coe hit Kruling, wounding him.

  • True or False?

6) Alexander McSween, the former partner to dead rancher, had organized and supported the Regulators, although he himself was a non-combatant during the conflict. On July 15th, 1878, McSween gathered his Regulators in the town of Lincoln, while at the same time forces hired by the "Murphy-Dolan" faction organized to meet them, to include Jessie Evans and his gang, and the John Kinney Gang, and led by the newly appointed sheriff . Who was the sheriff?

  • George Peppin
  • Jack Newton
  • Ed McMahon

7) The Regulators gathered in Lincoln and received word that a large posse was on its way into town. Instead of attempting to flee they elected to remain in town to meet the posse. The "Murphy-Dolan" forces soon rode into town from the west, and surrounded the house, where the Regulators had taken refuge to make their final stand. The "Murphy-Dolan" were able to surprise the Regulators?

  • True or False?

8) During the first day, at least five Murphy-Dolan men were wounded in the exchange. How many causalities did the Regulators suffer?

  • Zero
  • Three
  • Five

9) McSween attempted to surrender, he was shot and killed, while the remaining Regulators escaped. McSween, his business colleague Harvey Morris, and Tom Cullins were the fatal casualties suffered by the Regulators. How many shots hit McSween?

  • Three
  • Five
  • Nine

10) In September, 1878, President of the United States Rutherford Hayes dismissed Governor Axtell. The new governor immediately began trying to bring the lawlessness to an end. Who replaced Axtell as governor?

  • Juda Benhur
  • Lew Wallace
  • George Crook

Battle of Lincoln, New Mexico

  1. John Tunstall
  2. Max McGee
  3. Frank McNab
  4. True
  5. True
  6. George Peppin
  7. False. They did not surprise the Regulators.
  8. Zero
  9. Nine
  10. Lew Wallace

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