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Long Branch Saloon Gunfight

What do you know about the Long Branch Saloon Gunfight? Try this Alan's Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz. You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) What date did the famous gunfight at the Long Branch Saloon happen?Old West History Made Easy

  • April 5, 1879
  • April 5, 1880
  • April 5, 1881

2) Where was the Long Branch Saloon?

  • Tombstone, Arizona
  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Clinton, Texas

3) Frank Loving was but a 19 year old youth at the time of the fight. Although often referred to as being a gunman, that reputation did not develop until after this gunfight.

  • True or False?

4) Levi Richardson had a tough disposition and was disliked by most, but did get along fairly well with Bat Masterson. He had a reputation as a gunman, despite it being mostly hearsay.

  • True or False?

5) Frank Loving married and became friends with Long Branch owner. Who was the owner?

  • Chalkey Beeson
  • Kitty Russell
  • Amos Moses

6) Frank Loving become associated with several notable gunmen, gamblers and lawmen of the day. Who was NOT an associate of Loving?

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Matt Dillon
  • Bat Masterson

7) In early 1879, Loving quarreled with Richardson, claiming that Richardson was making unwanted and disrespectful advances toward his wife. What was Loving wife's name?

  • Mattie Loving
  • Mildred Loving
  • Debbie Loving

8) The two became involved in a fist fight on Front Street. After exchanging punches, Richardson exclaimed "I'll blow the guts out of you, you cockeyed son of a bitch." Loving, not being armed, simply turned and walked away.

  • True or False?

9) Richardson had evidently had enough. He strode into the Long Branch Saloon, specifically looking for Loving. However, Loving was not there at that time. Richardson then settled into a game of poker. What time did Loving arrive at the Long Branch?

  • 9 pm
  • 10 pm
  • 11 pm

10) Richardson stood and drew his gun, which prompted Loving to do the same. Both men began firing, with Richardson firing five rounds and Loving firing six. When the shooting stopped, Richardson had been shot in the chest, the side, and the arm. Loving was grazed on the hand by one bullet, but otherwise was uninjured. The Town Marshal quickly responded, having heard the shots, but his Deputy Marshal Duffey arrived first, taking hold of Richardson, just before he crumpled to the floor. Who was the town marshal?

  • Charlie Bassett
  • Wyatt Earp
  • Bat Masterson


Long Branch Saloon Gunfight

  1. April 5, 1879
  2. Dodge City, Kansas
  3. True
  4. True
  5. Chalkey Beeson
  6. Matt Dillon
  7. Mattie Loving
  8. True
  9. 9 pm
  10. Charlie Bassett

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