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The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight

The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight was a famous gun fight that occurred on April 14, 1881 on El Paso Street, El Paso, Texas.  Witnesses generally agreed that that the incident lasted no more than five seconds after the first gunshot, though a few would insist it was at least ten seconds.

What do you know about The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight?
Have a shoot out with this Old West History Made Easy Trivia quiz. 
Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

Old West History Made Easy1). A posse of about 75 heavily armed Mexicans galloped into El Paso looking for two missing vaqueros named Sanchez and Juarique, who had been searching for 30 head of stolen cattle.  Gus Krempkau, an El Paso County Constable, accompanied the posse to the ranch of Johnny Hale, a local ranch owner and suspected cattle rustler, who lived some 13 miles northwest of El Paso in the Upper Valley.  The corpses of the two missing men were located near Hale's ranch and were carried back to El Paso.

  • True or False?

2) A court in El Paso held an inquest into the deaths, with , who was fluent in Spanish, acting as an interpreter.
Who acted as interpreter?

  1. Marvin Johnson

  2. Dallas Stoudenmire

  3. Gus Krempkau

3) American cattle rustlers were accused of the murders of Sanchez and Juarique after they were overheard bragging about killing two cowboys when they found them trailing the herd to Hale's ranch during the night of April 13 or in the early morning of the 14th.
Who was NOT accused of the murders?

  1. Pervey

  2. Fredericks

  3. Rogers

4) After the American cattle rustlers were formally charges, they were immediately arrested. 

After the court adjourned, what did El Paso Town Marshal Dallas Stoudenmire do?

  1. Walked across the street for dinner

  2. Walked home for dinner

  3. Went into the saloon for a drink

5) Constable Krempkau went to a saloon next door to retrieve his rifle and pistol.  There, a confrontation took place with the former town marshal over remarks Krempkau's translations and his apparent friendship with the Mexicans.
Who was the former town marshal?

  1. Elfago Blaco

  2. George Campbell

  3. John Slaughter

6. John Hale, who was reportedly unarmed, was heavily intoxicated and was also upset with Krempkau�s involvement in the matter. Hale grabbed one of former town marshal's two pistols and yelled, "George, I've got you covered!"  He then shot Krempkau.

  • True or False

7. Marshal Stoudenmire hears the shots and comes running. While running, Stoudenmire fired once, wildly, killing an innocent college-educated Mexican bystander, who was running for cover.
What was the bystander's name

  1. Manuel

  2. Ochoa

  3. Gomez

8) Quickly sobering up, who jumped behind a thick adobe pillar, but as he peered out from behind it, Stoudenmire shot him between the eyes, killing him instantly?

  1. John Hale

  2. George Campbell

  3. James Manning

9. The former town marshal stepped from cover with his pistol drawn, saw Hale topple down, and yelled to Stoudenmire that it wasn't his fight.  However, Krempkau believed that he had shot him and fired two shots before passing out.  Stoudenmire whirled and fired.  Stoudenmire walked slowly toward him and glared down at him.  In agony, he yelled, "You big son of a bitch, you murdered me!" Stoudenmire said nothing

  • True or False?

10. Three days after the gunfight, on April 17, 1881, James Manning, a friend of Hale and the former marshal, convinced former deputy marshal to assassinate Stoudenmire.  Stoudenmire had publicly humiliated him days before.  Late at night of April 17th, an intoxicated former marshal was hiding behind a pillar of bricks, but his wobbly legs gave in and he fell backward squeezing double triggers of his double barrel shotgun into the air which narrowly missed Stoudenmire.  Stoudenmire immediately fired his Colts and sent eight volleys of bullets at him, shooting off his testicles.  He bled to death quickly.
Who was the former deputy marshal?

  1. Bill Johnson

  2. Jim Hays

  3. Bill Cassidy

The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight

1) True  2) C.  3) C.  4) A.  5) B.  6) True 7) B. 8) A. 9) True 10) A.

Score for this page: _______

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