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Belle Starr

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterBorn: February 5, 1848, near Carthage, Missouri
Died: February 3, 1889 (age 40), near Porum, Oklahoma

Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, better known as Belle Starr was a famous American female outlaw.

What do you know about Belle Starr? Try this US Old West History Made Easy Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

1) In the 1860s her father sold the farm and moved the family to Carthage where he bought an inn and livery stable on the town square. May Shirley received a classical education and learned piano, while graduating from Missouri's Carthage Female Academy, a genteel institution her father had helped to found.

  • True or False?

2) After a Union attack on Carthage in 1864, where did the Shirleys moved to?

  • Scyene, Texas
  • Clinton, Indian Territory
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas

3. Who did her brother John Alexander Shirley (known as Bud) served with?

  • Quantrill's Raiders
  • "Bloody Bill" Anderson Guerrillas
  • Cantrell Raiders

4. In 1866, who did she marry?

  • Jim Reed
  • Rex Allen
  • Will Contrell

5. In 1868, she gave birth to her first child, Rosie Lee (nicknamed Pearl).

True or False?

6. Her husband turned to crime and was wanted for murder in Arkansas, which caused the family to move, where their second child, James Edwin (Eddie) was born in 1871. Where did they move to?

  • Kentucky
  • Dakota Territory
  • California

7. They returned to Texas. When despite a lack of any evidence, a warrant was issued for her arrest for a stage coach robbery by her husband and others. When was warrant issued?

  • March 1874
  • April 1874
  • May 1874

8. In 1880 she married Sam Starr and settled with the Starr family in the Indian Territory. In 1883, Belle and Sam were charged with horse theft and tried before "The Hanging Judge" Isaac Parker's Federal District Court in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She was found guilty and served nine months at the Detroit House of Corrections in Detroit, Michigan.

  • True or False?

9. On December 17, 1886 Sam Starr was involved in a gunfight. Sam was killed. Who was the gunfight with?

  • Officer Frank West
  • Office Josey Wales
  • Officer Sam Cooke

10. On February 3, 1889, two days before her 41st birthday, she was riding home from a neighbor's house, when she was ambushed while eating a piece of cornbread. After she fell off her horse, she was shot again to make sure she was dead. Her death resulted from shotgun wounds to the back and neck and in the shoulder and face.  Who killed her?

  • Edgar J. Watson
  • unsolved
  • James Edwin (Eddie) Reed

11) Where is Belle Starr buried?

  • Belle Star Cabin, Porum, Oklahoma
  • Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • Memorial Park Cemetery, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Belle Starr

  1. True
  2. Scyene, Texas
  3. Quantrill's Raiders
  4. Jim Reed
  5. True
  6. California
  7. April 1874
  8. True
  9. Officer Frank West
  10. unsolved
  11. Belle Star Cabin, Porum, Oklahoma

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