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Arizona Rangers

The Arizona Rangers was a law enforcement agency in Arizona, modeled on the Texas Ranger Division, created by the Arizona Territorial Legislature in 1901 and disbanded in 1909.

What do you know about the Arizona Rangers? Try this Old West Quick Quiz.

1. Originally, one company was authorized, to consist of a captain, a sergeant and not more than 12 privates. In 1903, the authorized force was increased. What was it increased to?

  • 26 men
  • 51 men
  • 76 men

2. The first Captain of the Arizona Rangers was Burton C. Mossman of Bisbee, Arizona. He previously been manager of the 2 million acre Aztec Land and Cattle Co, also called the "Hash Knife outfit", in northern Arizona near Holbrook and Winslow, had some success in controlling rustling of his company's cattle.

  • Fact or Myth?

3. In July, 1902 after successfully recruiting and organizing the original Rangers, Mossman resigned, returning to the cattle business. Who replaced Mossman?

  • Thomas H. Rynning
  • Tom Horn
  • Robert Molner, Sr.

4. Arizona Rangers Badges, which were first issued in 1903 were solid silver five-pointed ball-tipped stars, lettered in blue enamel with engravings etched in blue, and are a valuable collectable. An officer's badge was engraved with the Ranger's name, while badges for enlisted men were numbered.

  • Fact or Myth?

5. Ranger Carlos Tafolla is the first Ranger who died in action. What day did he die in action?

  • October 7, 1901
  • October 7, 1903
  • October 7, 1905

6. In addition to dealing with rustlers and other outlaws, the Rangers were called on to deal with several large strikes by Mexican workers at mines in Arizona and at a mine at Cananea, in Mexico. Who asked for help?

  • Mine owner
  • Arizona governor
  • New Mexico governor

7. There were two killed in the line of duty, the second being, who died on April 5, 1908 as a result of a gunfight days earlier. Who was the Arizona Ranger?

  • Ben Reynolds
  • Ward Wayne
  • Jeff Kidder

8. Who was the third and last Arizona Ranger Captain?

  • Harry C. Wheeler
  • James "Red" Ryder
  • Mark Reynolds

9. On February 15, 1909 the act establishing the Arizona Rangers was repealed. During the seven and a half years of its existence. How many men served in the Rangers?

  • 57 men
  • 77 men
  • 107 men

10. The last surviving Arizona Ranger died in 1982 at the age of 97.  Who was the former Arizona Ranger?

  • John R. Clarke
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Jesse Mix

Arizona Rangers

  1. 26 men
  2. Fact
  3. Thomas H. Rynning
  4. Fact
  5. October 7, 1901
  6. Mine owner
  7. Jeff Kidder
  8. Harry C. Wheeler
  9. 107 men
  10. John R. Clarke

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