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Alamo Mission: Aftermath

What do you know about Alamo Mission: Aftermath?
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

1) Following the battle of the Alamo, one thousand Mexican soldiers, remained at the mission. For the next two months they repaired and fortified the complex, so that it could continue to serve as a major Mexican fort within Texas. The Alamo
Who was the Mexican commander?

  1. Juan Andrade

  2. Francisco de Castaneda

  3. Juan Lopez Sandoval

  4. Nicolas Rodriguez

2) The Mexican garrison joined the retreat on , they spiked the cannons, tore down many of the Alamo walls, and set fires throughout the complex.
When did the retreat begin?

  1. April 24

  2. May 24

  3. June 24

  4. July 24

3) The retreating troops spiked the cannons, tore down many of the Alamo walls, and set fires throughout the complex. Only a few buildings survived their efforts—the chapel was left in ruins, most of the Long Barracks was still standing, and the building that had contained the south wall gate and several rooms was mostly intact.

  • True or False?

4) When was the first time after the battle of the Alamo did the Texians briefly used the Alamo as a fortress?

  1. October 1836

  2. November 1836

  3. December 1836

  4. December 1837

5) What year did the Mexican army regained control of the Alamo in March and September as they briefly took San Antonio de Bexar.

  1. 1837

  2. 1838

  3. 1840

  4. 1842

6) When did the Republic of Texas pass an act returning the sanctuary of the Alamo to the Roman Catholic Church?

  1. January 13, 1841

  2. January 13, 1842

  3. January 13, 1843

  4. January 13, 1844

7) As the Mexican-American War loomed in 1846, 2000 United States Army soldiers were sent to San Antonio.
Who commanded the U.S. Army troops?

  1. Brigadier General Daniel Boone

  2. Brigadier General John Wool

  3. Brigadier General Jack Taylor

  4. Brigadier General Wade Phillips

8) During the American Civil War, Texas joined the Confederacy, and the Alamo complex was taken over by the Confederate Army. Following the Confederacy's defeat, the United States Army again maintained control over the Alamo. Shortly after the war ended, however, the Catholic Church requested that the army vacate the premises so that the Alamo could become a place of worship for local German Catholics. The army refused, and the church made no further attempts at retaking the complex.

  • True or False?

9) When did the Catholic Church sell the chapel to the State of Texas for $20,000.

  1. 1876

  2. 1880

  3. 1883

  4. 1885

10) When was the Alamo designated a National Historic Landmark?

  1. December 19, 1900

  2. December 19, 1920

  3. December 19, 1940

  4. December 19, 1960

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Alamo Mission: Aftermath

1) A.  2) B.  3) True  4) C.  5) D.  6) A.  7) B.  8) True  9) C.  10) D.

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