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BEST Places to Picnic in America

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American Indian Wars FUN Trivia Quiz

American Indian Wars 1622 - 1918
Indian Wars is the name used in the United States to describes conflicts between White settlers or the federal government and the native peoples of North America.  The wars were the result of the arrival of European colonizers who continuously expanded their territory pushing the indigenous populations westwards.

The wars were spurred by ideologies such as Manifest Destiny, that held that the United States was destined to expand from coast to coast on the American continent, and which resulted in the policy of Indian removal by which Indigenous peoples were removed from the areas where Europeans were settling forcefully or by means of voluntary exchange of territory through treaties.

2 Colonial Period
3 East of the Mississippi (1775�1842)
3.1 American Revolutionary War 1775-1783
3.2 Chickamauga Wars
3.3 Northwest Indian War
3.4 Tecumseh, the Creek War, and the War of 1812
3.5 Removal era wars
3.6 Second Seminole War
4 West of the Mississippi (1823�1890)
4.1 Areas
4.2 Background
4.3 Texas
4.4 Pacific Northwest
4.5 Southwest and California
4.5.1 New Mexico and Arizona
4.5.2 California
4.6 Great Basin
5 Plains
5.1 Dakota War
5.2 The Sand Creek massacre and the Sioux Indian War of 1865
5.3 Black Hills War
6 Last conflicts (1898�1918)

Old West Legends (People of the Old West)

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