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The Mayflower

What do you know about The Mayflower? Try this US History Made Easy Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1. The Mayflower was the famous ship that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims, from Southampton, England. When did the Mayflower leave Southampton?

  • September 6, 1620
  • September 16, 1620
  • September 26, 1620

2. What was the ship original destination?

  • Hudson River
  • Cape Cod
  • Jamestown

3. When did it arrive at the tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor)?

  • November 1, 1620
  • November 11, 1620
  • November 21, 1620

4. On March 28, 1621, all surviving passengers, who had inhabited the ship during the winter, moved ashore at Plymouth.

  • True or False?

5. When did the Mayflower, a privately commissioned vessel, returned to England?

  • April 15, 1621
  • April 25, 1621
  • May 5, 1621

6. The Mayflower was used primarily as a cargo ship, involved in active trade of goods (often wine) between England and other European countries, (principally France, but also Norway, Germany, and Spain). At least between 1609 and 1622, it was mastered by Christopher Jones, who would command the ship on the famous transatlantic voyage, and based in Rotherhithe, London, England.

  • True or False?

7. Initially, the plan was for the voyage to be made in two vessels, the other being a the smaller , which had transported some of the Pilgrims embarking on the voyage from Delfshaven in the Netherlands to Southampton, England. What was the second ship's name?

  • Speedwell
  • God Speed
  • Southhampton

8. After two failed attempts of two ships, everyone boarded the Mayflower for its journey to the New World. How many Pilgrim passengers were originally aboard the Mayflower?

  • 102
  • 204
  • 306

9. After the famous voyage of the Mayflower, the ship returned to England, likely dismantled for scrap lumber in Rotherhithe in 1623, only a year after Christopher Jones death in March 1622.

  • True or False?

10. When was Mayflower II launched from Devon, England?

  • 1656
  • 1825
  • 1956

The Mayflower

  1. September 16, 1620*
  2. Hudson River
  3. November 21, 1620*
  4. True
  5. April 15, 1621*
  6. True
  7. Speedwell
  8. 102
  9. True
  10. 1956

*New style dates

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