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Queen Anne's War

Queen Anne's War (1702-1713) was the second in a series of five French and Indian Wars fought between France and England (later Great Britain).

What do you know about the Queen Anne's War?  Try this US History Made Easy Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Queen Anne1) In North America for control of the continent and was the counterpart of the War of the Spanish Succession in Europe. In addition to the two main combatants, the war also involved a number of American Indian tribes and Spain, which was allied with France.

  • True or False?

2) Early in the war, the Spanish attack a British town and are repulsed.
What is the British town?

  • Dover, Delaware
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Hope, Virginia
  • Bridgeport, West Virginia

3) In response, in the 1702, 500 English soldiers and militia along with 300 Indians capture and burn a town in the Spanish province of Florida.
What is the town that the British attack?

  • St. Augustine, Florida
  • Daytona, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida

4) Carolina is not successful in defeating a second attack on Charles Town in 1706 by a combined Spanish and French amphibious force sent from Havana.

  • True or False?

5) In 1704, the ex-governor of South Carolina launches an invasion of the Apalachee territory in western Florida consisted of 1,000 Creek with 50 Englishmen. They target the Apalachee because of the 14 Spanish Franciscan missions which has been established there for roughly a century. His forces defeats the combined Spanish and Apalachee forces (which consists of about 400 Apalachees and 30 Spaniards) led by Captain Mexia.
Who launches the attack?

  • James Moore
  • Raymond Burr
  • Jeffrey Hamilton
  • Grover Washington

6) In February 1704, Hertel de Rouville with 250 Abenakis and Caughnawaga Indians and 50 French Canadians destroy a British settlement, 150 settlers are killed or taken prisoner.
What is the name of the community?

  • Deerfield, Massachusetts
  • Deerfield, Maine
  • Deerfield, New York
  • Deerfield, Pennsylvania

7) In 1709, it is reported that two thirds of the fields north of Boston are unattended and the war parties are returning without prisoners because the colonists stay in their forts and will not come out.

  • True or False?

8) The French are opposed to attacking the Province of New York because they were reluctant to arouse an American Indian tribe, whom they feared more than the British.
Who do the French fear?

  • Iroquois
  • Apache
  • Sioux
  • Mohawk

9) In 1712, an armistice is declared.
What is the name of the treaty?

  • Treaty of Utrecht
  • Treaty of Berlin
  • Treaty of Erie
  • Treaty of Combine

10) What is NOT an area Britain gained?

  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland
  • St. Kitts, Caribbean Island
  • Quebec

Check Your Answers

Queen Anne's War (Answers)

  1. True
  2. Charleston, South Carolina
  3. St. Augustine, Florida
  4. False. Carolina is successful in defeating a second attack on Charles Town in 1706 by a combined Spanish and French amphibious force sent from Havana.
  5. James Moore
  6. Deerfield, Massachusetts
  7. True
  8. Iroquois
  9. Treaty of Utrecht
  10. Quebec
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