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Mannington, WV
History Made Easy Q & A

What do you know about the Mannington, WV History Made Easy Q & A?
Try this West Virginia History Made Easy Q & A.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) The title of this historical marker is: Mannington/Flaggy Meadow.  Inscription: Once called Koontown but renamed in 1856 when chartered as town by Va. Assembly. Incorporated under W. Va. law in 1871. Abundant natural gas attracted diverse industry by 1900. Brick, glass and boiler factories, machine shops, granite works, Bowers Pottery Co., among world's largest sanitary products maker, & Phillips Tool Co., serving the coal, oil and gas industries, were located here.

One mi. south at Flaggy Meadow is site of the first oil well in the Mannington field, drilled 11 Oct. 1889. Location was scientifically verified by geologist I. C. White (1848-1927) using the anticlinal theory. Oil and gas boom sparked industrial growth in Mannington. Also at Flaggy Meadow is uncommon round barn built by Amos Hamilton in 1912 at cost of $1,900. The location of the historical marker is just east of Mannington, US 250 & Flaggy Meadow Rd. (County Route 11)
What is the cost in 2010 dollars?

  • $41,975
  • $410,975
  • $4,100,975

2) One of the first settlers in the area was born in the valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River in what was then Virginia. As a child, he and his father searched in vain for his mother, two sisters and brother who had been captured by the Indians. The mother was never found, although the children ultimately were. Only his brother, known from then on as "Indian Billy" returned to the family. The sisters chose to remain with their one time captors.
Who was the early pioneer?

  • Robert Curtis
    Robert Gricewich
    John Ice

3) What is the elevation of Mannington?

  • 974 feet
  • 1,974 feet
  • 2,974 feet

4) The earliest population concentration was not in present-day now Mannington, but rather approximately two miles west of Dent's Run.

  • True or False?

5) Most of the land now falling within the Mannington city limits, some 1,360 acres, was owned by a Revolutionary War financier and an intimate friend of George Washington.
Who was this financier?

  • Robert Rutherford
  • Okie Gower
  • Walter White

6) He was a surveyor living in Monongalia County, who parceled the land and began selling it. The final transaction occurred in 1840 and it was then that the area now known as Mannington had its origins.
Who was the surveyor?

  • Raymond Blake
  • James Hanway
  • John Morgan

7) By 1850 a tavern owned by George and Samuel Koon appeared in the heart of the burgeoning town. Not long after the tavern was opened, the Forks of Buffalo began to be known as Koon Town.
What year did they open the tavern?

  • 1848
  • 1850
  • 1852

8) The village officially became known as Mannington, named after Charles Manning, a civil engineer with the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad.
What year did it officially become Mannington?

  • 1856
  • 1857
  • 1858

9) In 1889 with the first oil drilling, following recommendations made by Dr. I. C. White, a well-known geologist who later became West Virginia State Geologist. Although many felt that the area was unfavorable for oil reserves, White persisted and soon gained enough local support to drill. Following the first strike, late in 1889, real estate prices soared 100% in two days in a boom-town mentality. The Mannington field became one of the largest in the State.
How much oil did the largest well produce?

  • 1,600 barrels per day
  • 2,600 barrels per day
  • 3,600 barrels per day

10) A National Register of Historic Place in Mannington is the Hamilton Round Barn on County Route 11.
When was it list in the NRHP?

  • July 9, 1985
  • July 9, 1987
  • July 9, 1989

11) Roughly bounded by High, Clarksburg and Howard Sts. and Buffalo Creek is Mannington Historic District.
When was it listed by the National Register of Historic Place?

  • September 22, 1995
  • October 22, 1995
  • November 22, 1995

12) At 917 E. Main St. is a National Register of Historic site listed on November 29, 2001.
What is the site?

  • Mannington Trolley
  • Schaffer Tavern
  • Wilson School

Check Your Answers

Mannington, WV [Answers]

  1. $41,975
  2. John Ice
  3. 974 feet
  4. True
  5. Robert Rutherford
  6. James Hanway
  7. 1850
  8. 1856
  9. 1,600 barrels per day
  10. July 9, 1985
  11. November 22, 1995
  12. Wilson School

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