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Fairmont, WV Quiz

What do you know about the Fairmont, WV Quiz?
Try this West Virginia Trivia.
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Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) The Boaz Fleming 1758-1830 historical marker on Courthouse Square, Adams St. (US 250 North), in Fairmont reads: Here in 1819, on land purchased from Thomas Barns, Boaz Fleming, pioneer, soldier of the American Revolution, founded his town, which, in 1820, the Virginia General Assembly established as Middletown, under a trustee form of government. Middletown was renamed Fairmont in 1843.

  • True or False?

2) The Fairmont caption historical marker states: Home of Francis H. Pierpont, whose services in the organization of this State are commemorated by his statue in Statuary Hall, Washington. He was governor under the Restored Government of the State of Virginia, 1861-1868.
Where is the sign located?

  • Courthouse Square, Jefferson St. (county route 64) & Adams St. (US 250)Fairmont
  • Fairmont Police Department, Quincy St. & Jackson St.
  • St Peter the Fisherman, Madison St. & Jackson St.

3) High Gate (also known as the James Edwin Watson House or Ross Funeral Home) is a historic residence located at 800 Fairmont Avenue in Fairmont, West Virginia.

The High Gate house and carriage house were built ca. 1910-1913 by Fairmont industrialist and financier, James E. Watson, son of the "father of the West Virginia coal industry," James O. Watson. It was designed by a Philadelphia architect. The stable and the adjacent mansion remain fine example of Tudor revival architecture with half-timbering, stucco wall cladding and clay-tiled-roofs, an academic style based upon late Medieval English prototypes that was common among suburban domestic architecture in the United States in the early-20th-Century.

An uncommon style prior to World War I, Tudor Revival became an immensely popular style during the 1920s and 1930s. High Gate is clearly a product of the early infusion of the Tudor style, as well as the opulence of the wealthy of the early 20th-Century.
Who designed the High Gate?

  • Morgan Gates
  • Horace Trumbauer
  • Henry White

4) The Middle Fork River and the North Fork River join in Fairmont to form the Monongahela River.

  • True or False?

5) The Confederate Cemetery historical marker reads: Near this point, in a mass grave, lie the remains of 39 Confederate soldiers from the 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th Virginia cavalry units--part of the force led by Gen. W. E. Jones. Attacked Fairmont April 29, 1863, after raids at Kingwood and Morgantown. The rebels routed the small Union forces, destroyed four railroad bridges, stole horses and cattle, and looted stores in town.
Where is the sign located in Fairmont?

  • 3rd St. (WV 310) South, 0.4 miles south of US 250
  • Monkey Wrench Hollow and Fairmont Ave (US 250)
  • Locust Ave (US 19) and Country Club Road

6) The First Father's Day Service historical marker reads: Site of Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, now Central United Methodist, where Father's Day was first observed on July 5, 1908. Rev. Webb conducted service upon request of Mrs. Charles Clayton, daughter of Methodist minister Fletcher Golden, just two months after first Mother's Day observance at Grafton. National recognition of Father's Day achieved in 1972 by congressional resolution.
The location of the church is on Fairmont Avenue (US 250) and junction with what street?

  • Third Street (WV310)
  • Fifth Street
  • Adams Street (US 19)

7) The Colonel George S. "Spanky" Roberts, USAF Memorial Bridge is the title of this historical marker. The inscription reads: Named in honor of local American hero, "Spanky" Roberts (1914-84), grad. of Dunbar H.S. & WV State College. 1st African-Am. aviation cadet, Tuskegee, 1941. Comm. 2nd Lt. & pilot in 1942; flew over 100 missions in Africa, Europe & Mid-East, commanded 99th Fighter Sq., and 332nd Fighter Group in WWII. Decorated for meritorious service in WWII, Korea, & 25 year career.
The marker is NOT at this location?

  • Corner of 1st Street and Fairmont Avenue, Fairmont
  • Corner of Adams Street and Cleveland Avenue, Fairmont
  • Corner of Monroe Street and High Street, Fairmont

8) The title of this historic marker is High-Level/Million Dollar Robert H. Mollohan Bridge. It reads: Completed in 1921, honoring WW I veterans. Designed by Concrete Steel Engineering Co., NY; built by John F. Casey Co., Pittsburgh. Three 250 ft. reinforced concrete arch spans, 90 ft. above river, 1,266 ft. long. Connected Fairmont by trolley, foot and vehicle. Listed on National Register; 1991, renamed to honor Cong. Mollohan's public service and restored in 2000.
The marker is NOT at this location?

  • East end of bridge, Jefferson Street, Fairmont
  • Middle of the bridge, Cleveland Avenue, Fairmont
  • West end of bridge, Jefferson Street, Fairmont

9) Patriot Defender/David Morgan (1721-1813) is the title of this historical marker. It reads: David Morgan, soldier French & Indian War, serving at Fort Necessity and in Braddock and Forbes Expeditions. Soldier in Revolutionary War. Provided drill grounds at Pettyjohn. Surveyed Pricketts Fort and southwest Virginia. Justice of the peace. Noted for saving two of his children in a fight with two Indians. Son of Col. Morgan Morgan. Surveyed with Washington for Fairfax Stone; explored with Boone & Gist. Settled here in 1771. Surveyed Pleasantville (Rivesville) 1776. Upriver on his nearby 361 - acre River See he est. Pettyjohn with ferry, mail drop, trading post, and home (extant) with salt works.
Where will you find the David Morgan Memorial Bridge in Fairmont?

  • Merchant Street
  • Third Street
  • Virginia Avenue

10) Fairmont State College is the title of this historic marker. Inscription: Founded through private enterprise in 1865. Established as a state institution in 1867 and known as Fairmont State Normal School. Became Fairmont State Teachers College, 1931. Name Fairmont State College was adopted in 1943. Marker location: Junction of US19 and Locust Avenue, Fairmont.

  • True or False?

11) Woodlawn Cemetery is an example of the rural cemetery. It was laid out by Tell W. Nicolet of the firm of Morris and Knowles of Pittsburgh, PA. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district. Today, the cemetery covers 42 acres and has over 15,000 burials.

The cemetery was established in the early Spring of 1875. Joseph R. Hamilton was climbing the fence between his father's farm and that of Norval Barns. The loaded rifle he was carrying accidentally discharged, killing him. His father's decision to "bury him where he lay" led to the families establishing a small burying ground. They opened the fence line between their properties and enclosed about a quarter of an acre to use for family burials.
When was it listed in the National Register of Historic Places?

  • April 14, 1984
  • April 14, 1994
  • April 14, 2004

12) The Fleming-Watson Historic District comprises 365 buildings and 1 structure of architecture significance on 840 acres in Fairmont, West Virginia. It is approximately bounded by Fairmont Avenue, Second and Fay Streets, Apple Crescent, Green and Emerson Streets, Coleman Avenue, Seventh Street, Outlook, and Fairmont. Located in the district is Fairmont Farms, the former home of Senator Clarence Wayland Watson.
What years did Watson serve as United States Senator from West Virginia?

  • 1895 to 1911
  • 1911 to 1913
  • 1913 to 1919

Check Your Answers

Fairmont, WV

  1. True
  2. St Peter the FishermanAddress
  3. Horace Trumbauer
  4. False. The Tygart Valley River and the West Fork River join in Fairmont to form the Monongahela River.
  5. 3rd St. (WV 310) South, 0.4 miles south of US 250
  6. Third Street (WV310)
  7. Corner of Monroe Street and High Street, Fairmont
  8. Middle of the bridge, Cleveland Avenue, Fairmont
  9. Third Street
  10. True
  11. April 14, 2004
  12. 1911 to 1913

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