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Shinnston History Made Easy Quiz

What do you know about the Shinnston History Made Easy Quiz?
Try this West Virginia History Made Easy Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) Shinnston is a city in Harrison County, West Virginia.  It is on the banks of water river?

  • Mandy’s Creek
  • Shinns Run
  • Simpson Creek
  • West Fork River

2) On US 19, in Shinnston is the Levi Shinn House historical marker. It reads: “Built, 1778, by Levi Shinn who came from New Jersey, 1773, and claimed tomahawk rights. Returned with family and brothers, Clement and Jonathan and settled. Sold part of land to Jonathan whose son, Levi, deeded it for site of Shinnston.”

  • True or False?

3) What year was the town incorporated as Shinn's Town?

  • 1822
  • 1832
  • 1842
  • 1852

4) When was a new charter secured and the town's name changed to Shinnston.

  • 1857
  • 1867
  • 1877
  • 1887

5) What year did the railroad came to Shinnston?

  • 1880
  • 1890
  • 1900
  • 1910

6) A trolley operated from 1906 to 1947.

  • True or False

7) The first church was organized in 1786 and met in various homes in the community. What year was the first church built in Shinnston?

  • 1825
  • 1835
  • 1845
  • 1855

8) Who was the former football head coach (USC Trojans football, 1960 - 75 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1976 - 84), born in Everettville, West Virginia, but grew up in Shinnston and graduated from Shinnston High School.

  • Mad Max Baumgartner
  • Seth Grodin
  • Keith Longmound
  • John McKay

9) Shinnston was almost completely destroyed by a violent tornado before 9:00 PM EDT during the 1944 Appalachians tornado outbreak, which hit the Midwest and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. It was and still remains the worst tornado outbreak ever to hit the state of West Virginia.  What day did the Shinnston tornado hit?

  • June 3, 1944
  • June 13, 1944
  • June 23, 1944
  • June 30, 1944

10) The Big Elm historical marker says, “Site of "Big Elm," tree awarded "largest of its kind in US" in 1876. Measured over 30 feet in circumference at its base. The tree began dying by 1905, with the cause attributed to disease, the building of a streetcar line, and hogs being penned near its base. In May of 1917, the last remaining part of the tree was cut down and burned.

This community named for tree which stood as the largest of its kind in the US. Land acquired by David Wamsley shortly after the Revolution. Other owners of Big Elm Farm were Everson and Hood families.” The marker is on US 19, one mile north of Shinnston. Who wrote a novel "Daughter of the Elm," about alleged events which took place here, and was published in 1899?

  • Theodosia Baker
  • Granville Davisson Hall
  • Anita Hill
  • Mary White

Check Your Answers

Shinnston, WV [Answers]

  1. West Fork River
  2. True
  3. 1852
  4. 1877
  5. 1890
  6. True
  7. 1835
  8. John McKay
  9. June 23, 1944
  10. Granville Davisson Hall

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