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Virginia Early History Trivia

What do you know about Virginia Early History?
Try this Alan's US States Quiz.
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Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) At the end of the 16th century, American Indians living in what is now Virginia were part of three major groups, based chiefly on language families.
Who was the largest group, known as the Algonquian, numbered over 10,000 and occupied most of the coastal area up to the fall line.

  • Algonquian
  • Iroquoian
  • Siouan

2) The tribes tried to fight the encroachment by the colonists. Major conflicts took place in the Indian massacre of 1622 and the war of 1644, both under the leadership of the late Chief Powhatan's younger brother.
Who was Chief Powhatan's younger brother?

  • Chief Mattaponi
  • Chief Opechancanough
  • Chief Pamunkey

3) Virginia is the oldest surviving English place-name in the U.S. not wholly borrowed from a American Indian word, and the fourth oldest surviving English place name, though it is Latin in form.

  • True or False?

4) In December, 1606, the London Company dispatched a group of 104 colonists in three ships: the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.
Who was mission commander?

  • Captain Christopher Newport
  • Captain James River
  • Captain John Smith

5) After weeks of exploration, the colonists selected a location and founded Jamestown.
What was the date of the founding of Jamestown?

  • May 4, 1607
  • May 14, 1607
  • May 24, 1607

6) When the new governor Sir Thomas Gates, finally arrived at Jamestown on May 23, 1610, he discovered over 20% of the 500 colonists had died; many of the survivors were sick.

  • True or False?

7) The economy of the Colony was another problem. Gold had never been found, and efforts to introduce profitable industries in the colony had all failed until John Rolfe introduced his two foreign types of tobacco: Orinoco and Sweet Scented. These produced a better crop than the local variety and with the first shipment to England in 1612, the customers enjoyed the flavor, thus making tobacco a cash crop that established Virginia's economic viability.

  • True or False?

8) The new Governor of Virginia took over in 1619. He ended one-man rule and created a representative system of government with the General Assembly, the first elected legislative assembly in the New World.
Who was the new governor?

  • George Lee
  • George Madison
  • George Yeardley

9) Who gave the “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" speech on March 23, 1775, at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia?

  • Patrick Henry
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Richard Henry Lee

10) The Virginia Ratifying Convention approved the Constitution by a vote of 89-79, becoming the tenth state to enter the Union.
What was the date?

  • June 25, 1788
  • June 25, 1789
  • June 25, 1790
Check Your Answers

Virginia Early History

  1. Algonquian
  2. Chief Opechancanough
  3. True
  4. Captain Christopher Newport
  5. May 14, 1607
  6. False. When the new governor Sir Thomas Gates, finally arrived at Jamestown on May 23, 1610, he discovered over 80% of the 500 colonists had died; many of the survivors were sick.
  7. True
  8. George Yeardley
  9. Patrick Henry
  10. June 25, 1788
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