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Texas History Made Easy Trivia

The written history of Texas dates to 1519, when Alonso �lvarez de Pineda explored the northern Gulf Coast, although the region was first settled by indigenous peoples around 10,000 B.C. Since 1519, parts of Texas have been claimed by six countries: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America.

What do you know about Texas history? Try this Texas History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1. American Indians determined the fate of European explorers and settlers depending on whether a tribe was friendly or warlike. Friendly tribes taught newcomers how to grow indigenous crops, prepare foods, and hunting methods for wild game. Warlike tribes made life unpleasant, difficult and dangerous for explorers and settlers through their attacks and resistance to European conquest.

  • True or False?

2. Who created the first map of the northern Gulf Coast, which is the earliest recorded document of Texas history?

  • Francisco de Garay
  • Christopher de Marvel
  • Alonso �lvarez de Pineda

3. French settlers landed at Matagorda Bay in early 1685, 400 miles west of the Mississippi. In February, the colonists constructed a fort. What was the name of the fort?

  • Fort Bourbon
  • Fort Saint Louis
  • Fort La Salle

4. In March 1690, Alonso De Le�n led an expedition to establish a mission in East Texas. Mission San Franciso de los Tejas was completed near the Hasinai village of Nabedaches in late May. When was its first mass conducted?

  • June 1
  • July 1
  • August 1

5. On January 23, 1691, Spain appointed the first governor of Texas. Who was the first governor?

  • Alonso De Le�n
  • General Domingo Ter�n de los R�os
  • Juan Bautista

6. In 1762, France finally relinquished their claim to Texas by ceding all of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River to Spain as part of the treaty to end the Seven Years War.

  • True or False?

7. In January 1790, the Comanche also helped the Spanish fight a large battle against the Mescalero and Lipan Apaches at Soledad Creek west of San Antonio. What was the name of the creek

  • Saints Creek
  • Red Cloud Creek
  • Soledad Creek

8. The Mexican War for Independence severed the control that Spain had exercised on its North American territories, and the new country of Mexico was formed from much of the lands that had comprised New Spain, including Spanish Texas. When was the war?

  • 1821
  • 1831
  • 1841

9. The first grant had been made under Spanish control to Moses Austin. The grant was passed to his son Stephen F. Austin, whose settlers who settled along the Brazos River in 1822. What were they known as?

  • Austin's Minions
  • Old Three Hundred
  • Austin's Rangers

10. What battle launched the Texas Revolution in 1835?

  • Battle of the Alamo
  • Battle of Gonzales
  • Battle of Lopez

Texas Answers

  1. True
  2. Alonso �lvarez de Pineda
  3. Fort Saint Louis
  4. June 1
  5. General Domingo Ter�n de los R�os
  6. True
  7. Soledad Creek
  8. 1821
  9. Old Three Hundred
  10. Old Three Hundred
  11. Battle of Gonzales

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BEST Places to Picnic in America

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