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Pennsylvania History Made Easy

The History of Pennsylvania is as varied as any in the American experience and reflects the melting pot vision of the United States.

What do you know about Pennsylvania history? Try this Pennsylvania History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1. Before Pennsylvania was settled by Europeans, the area was home to the Delaware (also known as Lenni Lenape), Susquehannock, Iroquois, Eries, Shawnee and other American Indian tribes. Most of these tribes were driven off or reduced to remnants as a results of the European colonization.

  • True or False?

2. The Delaware River watershed was claimed by the British based on the explorations of in 1497. Who was the explorer?

  • John Cabot
  • John Q. Reynolds
  • James Franklin

3. However, the Dutch thought they also had a claim, based on the 1609 explorations of Henry Hudson, and under the auspices of the Dutch West India Company were the first Europeans to actually occupy the land.

  • Mark Amsterdam
  • Henry Hudson
  • James Erie

4. When did Charles II of England granted a land tract to William Penn for the area that now includes Pennsylvania>

  • February 6, 1681
  • March 4, 1681
  • March 6, 1681

5. Penn then founded a colony there as a place of religious freedom for Quakers"woods". What does sylvania mean in Latin?

  • Woods
  • Religious freedom
  • Peace

6. The western portions of Pennsylvania were among disputed territory between the colonial British and French during the French and Indian War. The French established numerous fortifications in the area, including a pivotal fort at the three rivers triangle. What was the name of the fort?

  • Fort La Salle
  • Fort Duquesne
  • Fort de Franco

7. Delegates met in June in Philadelphia, where events (the signing of the Declaration of Independence) soon overtook Assemblymen's efforts to control the delegates and the outcome of their discussions. On July 8, 1776 attendees elected delegates to write a state constitution. A Committee was formed with George Bryan and James Cannon as prominent members. Who was named chair?

  • Daniel Morgan
  • James Rutherford
  • Benjamin Franklin

8. Pennsylvania was the target of several raids by the Confederate States Army, including cavalry raids. Who did NOT lead a raid into Pennsylvania?

  • J.E.B. Stuart
  • John Imboden
  • Mark Reynolds

9. In the latter half of the 19th century, the U.S. oil (kerosene) industry was born in western Pennsylvania, which supplied the vast majority of U.S. kerosene for years thereafter, and saw the rise and fall of oil boom towns. Where was oil first discovered?

  • Titusville
  • Williamsburg
  • Millersburg

10. During the Depression, the Commonwealth attempted to fund public works through passage of the Pennsylvania State Authority Act in 1936. The Act caused the incorporation of the General State Authority, which would purchase land from the state and add improvements to that land using state loans and grants. The state expected to receive Federal grants and loans to fund the project. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in Kelly v Earle, found the Act violated the state constitution.

  • True or False?

Pennsylvania Answers

  1. True
  2. John Cabot
  3. Henry Hudson
  4. March 4, 1681
  5. Woods
  6. Fort Duquesne
  7. Benjamin Franklin
  8. Mark Reynolds
  9. True

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BEST Places to Picnic in America
BEST Places to Picnic in America

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