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New Jersey Early History Trivia

What do you know about New Jersey Early History?
Try this Alan's US States Quiz.
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Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) New Jersey was first settled by Paleo Indians after the Wisconsin Glacier melted.  Around 11,000 BC they had settled in southern New Jersey. By 10,500 BC they settled in northern areas.  Paleo Indians were hunter gathers.  They moved as soon as game became scarce.

  • True or False?

2) Around the year 1000, American Indian group known as the Lenape, settled in New Jersey.
What was the Lenape later called?

  • Delaware Indians
  • Dover Indians
  • Liberty Indians

3) In 1524, who, sailing in the service of France, explored the Jersey Coast including Sandy Hook and the Narrows which bear his name.

  • John Henry Alcott
  • Roger Clark
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano

4) In 1609, Sir Henry Hudson explored the East Coast including the Delaware, Raritan, Newark, New York bays and the Hudson Valley.
Who did he sail the region for?

  • British Royal Company
  • Dutch East India Company
  • German Exploration Company

5) During the next four years, on somewhat secretive missions, Adriaen Block explored and mapped the coast along Delaware, New Jersey, Long Island, and New England, naming it for the first time New Netherlands.

  • True or False?

6) The settlement, located at the mouth of Big Timber Creek where it enters the Delaware River is the first known permanent European built structure in what would become the state of New Jersey.
What was the settlement’s name?

  • Fort Nassau
  • Fort Tiegonderga
  • Fort Ungerman

7) Part of southwestern New Jersey was settled by the Swedes by the mid-17th century. New Sweden, rose to its height under governor Johan Björnsson Printz (1643–53).
When was New Sweden founded?

  • 1618
  • 1628
  • 1638

8) Printz helped to improve the military and commercial status of the colony by constructing Fort Nya Elfsborg, near present-day Salem on the east side of the Delaware River.
Fort Nya Elfsborg is near what present-day site?

  • Elk
  • Princeton
  • Salem

9) New Jersey was one of the original thirteen colonies that joined in the struggle for independence from Great Britain. Many of the New Jersey settlers still felt ties of loyalty to the British crown, and many slaves sided with the British in exchange for freedom. The loyalists included the governor of New Jersey, William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin.

  • True or False?

10) On December 18, 1787, New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution, which was overwhelmingly popular in New Jersey, as it prevented New York and Pennsylvania from charging and keeping tariffs on goods imported from Europe.
What was the date of New Jersey’s ratification on the US Constitution?

  • December 8, 1787
  • December 18, 1787
  • December 28, 1787
Check Your Answers

New Jersey Early History

  1. True
  2. Delaware Indians
  3. Giovanni da Verrazzano
  4. Dutch East India Company
  5. True
  6. Fort Nassau
  7. 1638
  8. Salem
  9. True
  10. December 18, 1787
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