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Maine History Made Easy Trivia

What do you know about Maine? Take this Maine History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1. Who were the earliest culture known to have inhabited Maine, from roughly 3000 B.C. to 1000 B.C., a maritime group known for elaborate burials using red ochre.

  • The Burial People
  • Red Flower People
  • Red Paint People

2. The first European settlement in Maine was made in 1604 by a French party. Who was a member of the party?

  • Claude La Salle
  • Samuel de Champlain
  • Charles de Gaul

3. English colonists sponsored by the Plymouth Company attempted a settlement in Maine in 1607, but it was eventually abandoned. Where was the Popham Colony?

  • Bangor
  • Phippsburg
  • Rockland

4. In 1775 a British fleet bombarded and destroyed Portland, occupied Eastport and much of [Downeast] Maine, and in 1779 captured Castine. A fleet from Massachusetts (the so-called Penobscot Expedition) attempted to recover Castine but was decimated by the British, with and other survivors sent scrambling into the woods. The British intent was to carve off the eastern half of Maine as the new British province of "New Ireland". Who was one of the survivors of the Expedition?

  • John Paul Jones
  • Lighthorse Harry Lee
  • Paul Revere

5. Maine suffered more in the War of 1812 than anywhere else in New England. British army and naval forces from nearby Nova Scotia captured and occupied the eastern coast from Machias to Castine, and plundered the Penobscot River towns of Hampden and Bangor.

True or False?

6. When did Maine gain statehood?

  • 1810
  • 1815
  • 1820

7. The still-lingering border dispute with British North America came to head in 1839 when Maine Governor Fairfield declared virtual war on Britain over the incursion of lumbermen from New Brunswick into northern Maine. Four regiments of Maine militia were mustered in Bangor and marched to the border of British North America, ready for a fight. What was this conflict known as?

  • Lumber War
  • Fairfield War
  • Aroostook War

8. In 1835, what was the name of the first railroad in Maine?

  • Calais Railroad
  • Bangor Railroad
  • Portland Railroad

9. The 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment played a key role at the Battle of Gettysburg. Who commanded the regiment at Gettysburg?

  • Col. Adelbert Ames
  • Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  • Maj. Ellis Spear

10. Who was NOT born in Maine?

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Leon Leonwood Bean
  • Tom Mix

Florida Answers

  1. Red Paint People
  2. Samuel de Champlain
  3. Phippsburg
  4. Paul Revere
  5. True
  6. 1820
  7. Aroostook War
  8. Calais Railroad
  9. Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain
  10. Tom Mix

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