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Alabama History Made Easy FUN Trivia

Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. Alabama ranks 30th in total land area and ranks second in the size of its inland waterways.

What do you know about Alabama? Try this Alabama Made Easy Trivia Quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1. The Alabama, a Muskogean tribe, which resided just below the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers on the upper reaches of the Alabama River, served as the etymological source of the names of the river and state.

  • Fact or Myth?

2. What European nation founded the first European settlement in the state with the establishment of Mobile in 1702?

  • Spanish
  • Great Britain
  • France

3. Alabama was the twenty-second state admitted to the Union. What was the year?

  • 1819
  • 1821
  • 1823

4. The highest point is at a height of 2,407 feet. What is the peak?

  • Mount Montgomery
  • Mount Cheaha
  • Morgan Mountain

5. A 5-mile-wide meteorite impact crater is located in Elmore County, just north of Montgomery. The crater is the site of "Alabama's greatest natural disaster". A 1,000-foot-wide meteorite hit the area about 80 million years ago. What is the name of the meteor?

  • Russell Cave crater
  • Hole crater
  • Wetumpka crater

6. The climate of Alabama is described as temperate. What is the average annual temperature?

  • 75 F.
  • 64 F.
  • 55 F.

7. Alabama receives an average of and enjoys a lengthy growing season of up to 300 days in the southern part of the state. What is the average rainfall?

  • 46 inches of rainfall annually
  • 56 inches of rainfall annually
  • 66 inches of rainfall annually

8. Although known as "The Cotton State", Alabama ranks between eight and ten in national cotton production, according to various reports, with Texas, Georgia and Mississippi comprising the top three.

  • Fact or Myth?

9. Each county has its own elected legislative branch, usually called the County Commission, which usually also has executive authority in the county. How many counties does Alabama have?

  • 57 counties
  • 67 counties
  • 77 counties

10. Who is NOT a famous Alabamians

  • Hank Aaron
  • Nat King Cole,
  • Don Knotts

Alabama Answers

  1. Fact
  2. France
  3. 1819
  4. Mount Cheaha
  5. Wetumpka crater
  6. 64 F.
  7. 56 inches of rainfall annually
  8. Fact
  9. 67 counties
  10. Don Knotts

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