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Hollywood The End Trivia
Hollywood The End Trivia


Rick Nelson

Choose an answer from the three choices or True/False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1. On May 8, 1940, where was Eric Hilliard Nelson born?

  • Teaneck, New Jersey
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey

2. David and Ricky Nelson did not join the cast until 1949; for the first five years of the radio show, the sons were played by professional actors.

  • True or False?

3. Ricky recorded his debut single, "I'm Walkin'". He sang it on Ozzie and Harriett, seeking to impress a date who was an Elvis Presley fan. After he performed it on TV, it was a hit, reaching #4 on the charts and selling over a million copies. Who wrote the song?

  • Fats Domino
  • Ozzie Nelson
  • Clyde Ware

4. What was his first #1 hit?

  • I Got A Feeling
  • Sweeter Than You
  • Poor Little Fool

5. In 1959, he appears in Rio Bravo with John Wayne and Dean Martin. Who does he play?

  • Dude
  • Pat Wheeler
  • Colorado Ryan

6. Rick played Ensign Tommy J. Hanson in The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960). Who was Lt. Rip Crandell?

  • Walter Matthau
  • Jack Lemmon
  • Tony Curtis

7. Love and Kisses is a 1965 American comedy film starring Ricky Nelson as a young man who tries to grow up and emancipate himself from his middle-class parents by getting married. On the day he graduates from high school, Buzzy Pringle (Ricky Nelson) secretly marries his girlfriend Rosemary. Who played Rosemary?

  • Kristin Nelson
  • Madelyn Himes
  • Sheilah Wells

8. What 1961 hit became his last #1 Hit?

  • Travelin' Man
  • Hello Mary Lou
  • It's Up to You

9. His last Top Ten hit was Garden Party (1972).

  • True or False?

10. In 1973, he had an acting role in an episode of , where he played the part of a hippy flute-playing leader of a harem of young prostitutes. What was the TV series?

  • The Streets of San Francisco
  • Dragnet
  • MASH

Where is Rick Nelson buried?

Check Your Answers

  1. Teaneck, New Jersey
  2. True
  3. Fats Domino
  4. Poor Little Fool
  5. Colorado Ryan
  6. Jack Lemmon
  7. Kristin Nelson
  8. Travelin' Man
  9. True
  10. The Streets of San Francisco

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