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NASCAR History

Test your NASCAR knowledge of the NASCAR History
Get up to bat in this FANatical NASCAR Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

1) A Florida beach became a mecca for racing enthusiasts and fifteen records were set on this beach between 1905 and 1935? However, in 1936, the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah became the premier place to host land speed record attempts, so the the beach course began hosting car racing events.
What is the Florida beach?Alan's FUN NASCAR Trivia

  1. Miami Beach

  2. Daytona Beach

  3. Tampa Bay

2) Stock car racing had it origins during Prohibition. Many of the drivers would modify their cars for speed and handling, as well as increased cargo capacity, and some of them came to love the fast-paced driving down twisty mountain roads.
What was the purpose of modified cars?

  1. Carry illegal alcohol

  2. Police car modification

  3. U.S. Army patrols

3) A mechanic moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, from Washington, DC, in 1935 to escape the Great Depression. He was familiar with the history of the area from the land speed record attempts. He even entered the 1936 Daytona event, finishing fifth. He took over running the course in 1938. He promoted a few races before World War II.
Who is this stock car pioneer.

  1. William France, Sr.

  2. Leonard Slye

  3. George Mann

4) When was NASCAR founded?

  1. February 6, 1947

  2. February 14, 1948

  3. February 21, 1948

5) The original plans for NASCAR included three distinct divisions: Modified, Roadster, and Strictly Stock. Southerns were not interested in roadsters.  The first year, strictly stock was put on hold because Detroit could not produce family sedans to meet the post-World War II demand.  However, they began running in 1949.  In 1950, what did NASCAR change the Strictly stock cars name too?

  1. Super National

  2. AT&T National

  3. Grand National

6) What is the oldest track on today's NASCAR NEXTEL Cup circuit?

  1. Martinsville Speedway

  2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  3. Darlington Raceway

7) Who has NOT won 7 NEXTEL Cups (1950-1971 known as Grand National; 1972-2003 known as Winston Cup; 2004-2007 known as Nextel Cup; 2008- known as Sprint Cup)?

  1. Richard Petty

  2. Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

  3. Jeff Gordon

8) According to NASCAR, about how may US gallons of fuel are consumed during a typical NEXTEL Cup weekend.

  1. 3,000 US gallons

  2. 6,000 US gallons

  3. 9,000 US gallons

9) Which is NOT a NASCAR series?

  1. Canadian Tire Series

  2. Formula One

  3. Corona Series

10) The Rookie of the Year award for NASCAR's premier series was first presented to a driver in 1954 by Houston Lawing, NASCAR'S Public Relations director. While it wasn't an official award, it would help set the standard for the top rookie prize.
Who was the driver?

  1. Blackie Pitt

  2. Buddy Baker

  3. Woody Wilson

NASCAR History

1) B.  2) A.  3) A.  4) C.  5) C.  6) B.  7) C.  8) B.  9) B.  10) A.

Score for this page: _______

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