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The Beatles - Part 1

What do you know about The Beatles - Part 1?
Try this FANatical About Music Trivia quiz.
You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

The Beatles.  Trivia powered by ABE.1)The Quarrymen played the New Clubmoor Hall on January 10, 1958 and at the Cavern on 24 January. McCartney's school friend, Harrison (from a year below at the Liverpool Institute, which they both attended) first saw the group perform on February 6 at Wilson Hall.  Harrison then auditioned for The Quarrymen in Rory Storm's Morgue Skiffle Club, playing "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" (by Bert Weedon) in March 1958.  Lennon thought Harrison (at 14) was too young to join the band, so McCartney engineered another meeting on the upper deck of a Liverpool bus, where Harrison played "Raunchy" for Lennon.  After McCartney's constant advocacy Lennon allowed the recently turned fifteen-year-old Harrison to join the Quarrymen as lead guitarist.

  • True or False?

2) Finally, in August 1960 they settled on the groups name.
What was it?

  1. Johnny and the Moondogs

  2. The Silver Beetles

  3. The Beatles

3) In January 1960, John Lennon's art school friend joined the group on bass.
Who was this Beatle?

  1. Ringo Starr

  2. Stuart Sutcliffe

  3. Wilson Hall

4) In August, the group left for Hamburg, German to perform in clubs.
What was the first club they played in there?

  1. Indra Club

  2. Kaiserkeller

  3. Casbah Club

5) In January 1962, Brian Epstein became the groups manager. He looked to get a record contract for the group. He finally meet with EMI record producer, George Martin and they signed a record contract. The groups first recording session on 6 June 1962.
Where was the studio?

  1. Abbey Road Studios in north London

  2. Casbah Studios in West Derby, Liverpool

  3. Kaempfert Studios in Hamburg, Germany

6) On August 16, 1962, the group fired Peter Best as drummer.
Who was this drummer who had played a few times with the group in Hamburg, German?

  1. Ringo Starr

  2. Jim Foy

  3. Norman Newell

7) The September 1962 EMI recording sessions produced a minor UK hit and a #1 hit in the US.
What was the song?

  1. Love Me Do

  2. People and Places

  3. Ring of Gold

8) On October 17, 1962, the band's first televised performance was on the People and Places program, broadcast live by Granada Television.
What city was the program broadcast from?

  1. Manchester

  2. Liverpool

  3. London

9) Capitol Records (a part of EMI) in the US didn't release the first Beatles songs Please Please Me, From Me to You and She Loves You.  A testing of the song on a TV show produced laughter from American teenagers when they saw the group's distinctive hairstyles.
What was the show?

  1. Ed Sullivan

  2. American Bandstand

  3. Dance Fever

10) Capitol Records planned to release a Beatles single in mid-January 1964.
What was the song?

  1. I Want to Hold Your Hand

  2. Every Way But Lose

  3. Surin' USA

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The Beatles - Part 1

1) True 2) C. 3) B. 4) A. 5) A. 6) A. 7) A. 8) A. 9) B. 10) A.

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