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1953 In Music Trivia Quiz

What do you know about 1953 In Music? Try this Alan's FUN Greatest Hits Trivia Quiz. You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Alan's Rock & Roll FUN Trivia.  Trivia powered by ABE.1) What song recorded by Bill Haley & His Comets, becomes the first rock and roll single to make the Billboard national American musical charts?

  • "Crazy Man, Crazy"
  • "King Daddy"
  • "In the Sack"

2) Who had a #1 Hit with "St. George And The Dragonet"?

  • Julius La Rosa
  • Patti Page
  • Stan Freberg

3) On January 1, 1953, Hank Williams was due to play in Canton, Ohio, but he was unable to fly due to weather problems. He hired a chauffeur and, before leaving the old Andrew Johnson Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee, injected himself with vitamin B12 and morphine. When the 17-year-old chauffeur, Charles Carr pulled over at an all-night service station, he discovered that Williams was unresponsive and becoming rigid. Where was the all-night service station that Hank Williams was found dead at the age of 29?

  • Bristol, Tennessee
  • Oak Hill, West Virginia
  • Vienna, West Virginia

4) Who had the #1 song for 10 weeds with "Song From Moulin Rouge"?

  • Perry Como
  • Benny King
  • Percy Faith

5) Who is a four-time Grammy Award-winning American singer best known for her mezzo-soprano vocal range on hit songs such as "Love Is a Battlefield", "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", and "Heartbreaker" born on January 10, 1953.

  • Terry Williams
  • Mary Richards
  • Pat Benatar

6) Can-Can is a musical with music and lyrics by Cole Porter, and a book by Abe Burrows. The story concerns the showgirls of the Montmartre dance halls during the 1890s. It opened at the Shubert Theatre on May 7 and ran for 892 performances. In the original production, who plays Claudine?

  • Mary Martin
  • Gwen Verdon
  • Sally Strong

7) "Mess Around" was one of the first big hits by music legend Ray Charles. It is noted for its insistent chorus of "Shake that thing!". The song was written by Atlantic Records president and founder Ahmet Erteg�n. The lyrics urge listeners to dance ("mess around"), along with a few other key phrases harkening back to "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie", an early boogie woogie classic. "Mess Around" became a big R&B charted hit when released as a single in early 1953.

  • True or False?

8) "Vaya con Dios" (translated as "Go with God") is a popular song written by Larry Russell, Inez James, and Buddy Pepper, and published in 1953. Who had the #1 1 for 11 weeks?

  • Gene Autry
  • Pat Boone
  • Les Paul and Mary Ford

9) "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?" is a popular novelty song written by Bob Merrill in 1952. Who had the US #1 Hit for eight weeks?

  • Patti Page
  • Barbara Jones
  • Lita Roza

10) "Rags to Riches" is a 1953 popular song by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The best-known version of the song was recorded by Elvis Presley and reached #1 on the Billboard chart in 1953.

  • True or False?


1953 In Music Answers

  1. "Crazy Man, Crazy"
  2. Stan Freberg
  3. Oak Hill, West Virginia
  4. Percy Faith
  5. Pat Benatar
  6. Gwen Verdon
  7. True
  8. Les Paul and Mary Ford
  9. Patti Page
  10. False. The 1953 US #1 Hit is by Tony Bennett. Elvis Presley covered the song in 1971.

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