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1999 In Music Trivia Quiz

What do you know about 1999 in Music?  Try this The Year In Music Trivia Quiz
You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

1) R. Kelly and Celine Dion had the #1 Hit on January 2. It was the first #1 Hit for 1999. Alan's Rock & Roll FUN Trivia.  Trivia powered by ABE.
What was the #1 Hit?

  1. "No Scrubs"

  2. "Genie in a Bottle"

  3. "I'm Your Angel"

2) What was Britney Spears Debut album on January 12?

  1. ...Baby One More Time

  2. Science Fiction

  3. First Love

3) Who had a #1 Hit with "Genie In A Bottle"?

  1. Christina Aguilera

  2. Mariah Carey

  3. Ricky Martin

4) On March 3, who was the singer who died from breast cancer at the age of 59?

  1. Helen Parker

  2. Margaret Cummings

  3. Dusty Springfield

5) During the American Music Awards on January 11, Billy Joel is awarded the Special Award of Merit for his "inspired songwriting skills" and "exciting showmanship."

  • True or False?

6) On July 1, an American actress releases her debut album On the 6, and the first single "If You Had My Love" peaked at one in U.S., Canada, and Australia.
Who was the actress

  1. Kate Hudson

  2. Jennifer Lopez

  3. Alice Johnson

7) What was the Ricky Martin # 1 Hit that hits the top spot on May 8.

  1. "Livin' la Vida Loca"

  2. "Believe"

  3. "No Scrubs"

8) On June 8, who released their album Californication?

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

  2. Mother's of Invention

  3. Sway & King Tech

9) Who had a Hit Album with Come on Over?

  1. Kid Rock

  2. Shania Twain

  3. Limp Bizkit

10) On December 25, "Smooth" was the last #1 Hit in 1999, by Santana featuring Rob Thomas.

  • True or False?

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1999 In Music

1) C.  2) A.  3) A.  4). C.  5) True  6) C.  7) A.  8) A.  9) B.  10) True

Score for this page: _______

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