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Hollywood The End Trivia


1965 In Movie Trivia Quiz

Choose an answer from the three choices and True/ False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

FUN Trivia Quizzes powered by ABE1. What movie won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Picture?

  • The Sound of Music
  • Doctor Zhivago
  • Thunderball

2. What Sex in the City actress was born on February 23, 1965?

  • Kristin Davis
  • Brooke Shields
  • Connie Francis

3. What was the World War II action-adventure starring Frank Sinatra and Terence Howard?

  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Von Ryan's Express
  • The Train

4. Who won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Actor?

  • Richard Burton
  • Oskar Werner
  • Lee Marvin

5. Who won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Actor?

  • Julie Christie - Darling
  • Julie Andrews - The Sound of Music
  • Elizabeth Hartman - A Patch of Blue

6. That Darn Cat! (1965) is a Walt Disney Productions feature film starring is a story about bank robbers, a kidnapping and a mischievous cat. Who was the star?

  • Hayley Mills
  • Christina Ricci
  • Mildred Gordon

7. What's New Pussycat? is a 1965 comedy film directed by Clive Donner. It was a #8 Box Office Hit in 1965. Who played Dr. Fritz Fassbender in the movie?

  • Peter Sellers
  • Peter O'Toole
  • Woody Allen

8. The #3 Box Office Hit in 1965 was Thunderball. In this version, who played James Bond?

  • Sean Connery
  • Roger Moore
  • George Lazenby

9. On November 20, 1965 what actor was born?

  • Adam Rich
  • Ben Stiller
  • Owen Wilson

10. This drama-romance-war film directed by David Lean and loosely based on the famous novel of the same name by Boris Pasternak. What is the #2 Box Office hit 1965?

  • Doctor Zhivago
  • Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
  • Dr. Who and the Daleks

Check Your Answers

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Kristin Davis
  3. Von Ryan's Express
  4. Lee Marvin
  5. Julie Christie - Darling
  6. Hayley Mills
  7. Peter Sellers
  8. Sean Connery
  9. Ben Stiller
  10. Doctor Zhivago

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