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Buckhannon River

The Buckhannon River is a tributary of the Tygart Valley River, about 47 mi long, in north-central West Virginia in the United States. Via the Tygart Valley, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River, draining an area of 309 square miles on the unglaciated portion of the Allegheny Plateau.

What do you know about the Buckhannon River? Explore the Quick US Geography Rivers and Streams Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1. The Left Fork Buckhannon River begins in Randolph County at what elevation?

  • 3,458 feet
  • 3,558 feet
  • 3,658 feet

2. Fork Buckhannon River The Right Fork Buckhannon River begins in Randolph County at what elevation?

  • 3,041 feet
  • 3,241 feet
  • 3,401 feet

3. The Right Fork flows through the communities of Pickens and Selbyville and collects tributaries known as Middle Fork Right Fork Buckhannon River and Left Fork Right Fork Buckhannon River; the Left Fork of the Right Fork flows through the community of Helvetia.

  • True or False?

4. The Buckhannon River begins at the confluence of Left Fork Buckhannon River and Right Fork Buckhannon River at Alexander, Upshur County. What is the elevation?

  • 1,837 feet
  • 1,847 feet
  • 1, 857 feet

5. What is the unincorporated community in Upshur County, West Virginia. It is located along the Buckhannon River and is the site of the Sago Mine, scene of the 2006 Sago Mine disaster.

  • Upshur
  • Sago
  • Mingo

6. What is the only incorporated city in and the county seat of Upshur County, West Virginia, United States, and is located along the Buckhannon River?

  • Homer
  • Davis
  • Buckhannon

7. Rangoon is an unincorporated community in Barbour County, West Virginia, USA. It is located on County Route 11 along the Buckhannon River, about three miles from the community of Audra. The official name of the community is Boulder by which it is usually known, the town's now-defunct post office assumed the name of Rangoon, due to confusion with the town of Boulder, Colorado.

  • True or False?

8. Carrollton is an unincorporated community in Barbour County in the U.S. state of West Virginia. Carrollton is known for its Carrollton Covered Bridge over the Buckhannon River, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • True or False?

9. The Carrollton Covered Bridge, in Barbour County, West Virginia, USA, is the second longest and third oldest surviving covered bridge in the state. It spans the Buckhannon River near Carrollton. When was the bridge built?

  • 1856
  • 1876
  • 1896

10. At the mouth of the Buckhannon River that flows into the Tygart Valley River, what is the elevation?

  • 1,225 feet
  • 1,325 feet
  • 2,425 feet

Buckhannon River Answers

  1. 3,658 feet
  2. 3,401 feet
  3. True
  4. 1,837 feet
  5. Sago
  6. Buckhannon
  7. True
  8. True
  9. 1856
  10. 1,325 feet

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