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South Branch Potomac River

The South Branch Potomac River has its headwaters in northwestern Highland County, Virginia near Hightown along the eastern edge of the Allegheny Front. The mouth of the South Branch lies east of Green Spring in Hampshire County, West Virginia where it meets the North Branch Potomac River to form the Potomac.

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Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1. Early pioneer sources claim that the indigenous Native Americans of the region referred to the South Branch Potomac River as the Wappatomaka. Places settled in the South Branch valley bearing variants of "Wappatomaka" include Wappacoma plantation built in 1773 and the unincorporated hamlet of Wappocomo (sometimes spelled Wapocomo) at Hanging Rocks, both north of Romney on West Virginia Route 28.

  • True or False?

2. The exact location of the South Branch's source is northwest of Hightown along Parkersburg Pike (U.S. Route 250) on the eastern side of Lantz Mountain (3,934 feet) in Highland County. What state is it in?

  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Maryland

3. From Hightown, the South Branch is a small meandering stream that flows northeast along the road through the communities of New Hampden and Crab Bottom. What is the name of the road?

  • Crab Bottom Road
  • New Hampden Road
  • Hightown Road

4. What Potomac River branch forms just north of the Virginia/West Virginia border in Pendleton County at the confluence of the Laurel Fork and Straight Fork along Big Mountain (3,881 feet)?

  • North Fork South Branch Potomac River
  • South Fork South Branch Potomac River
  • West Fork South Branch Potomac River

5. The South Fork South Branch Potomac River forms just north of U.S. Route 250 in Highland County, Virginia near Head Waters and flows 55 miles north-northeastward to the South Branch Potomac River at Moorefield in Hardy County, West Virginia. From 1896 to 1929, what was the name of the river?

  • Highland River
  • Moorefield River
  • Hardy River

6. Where does Big Run flow into the South Branch Potomac River?

  • Parkersburg
  • Clarksburg
  • Romney

7. Buffalo Creek flows beneath West Virginia Route 28 and the South Branch Valley Railroad at before emptying into the South Branch Potomac River. What is the community?

  • Cyrus
  • Vance
  • Mobil

8. Lunice Creek empties into the South Branch at Petersburg.

  • True or False

9. Mill Creek flows into the South Branch west of Romney Bridge near Vanderlip along the Northwestern Turnpike. What is the route?

  • U.S. Route 50
  • U.S. Route 150
  • U.S. Route 250

10. What stream flows seven miles from its source into the South Branch south of Romney near Hampshire Park on South Branch River Road (West Virginia Secondary Route 8).

  • Mill Run
  • Mikes Run
  • Robs Run

South Branch Potomac River Answers

  1. True
  2. Virginia
  3. Crab Bottom Road
  4. North Fork South Branch Potomac River
  5. Moorefield River
  6. Romney
  7. Vance
  8. True
  9. U.S. Route 50
  10. Mill Run

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