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Travel Back in United States History: American Civil War

Celebrate the Civil War: 150 Year Anniversary

Civil War (1860-1865) Trivia powered by Prof. Walter

Conflict over issues of how much control the federal government should have over the states, industrialization, trade, and especially slavery had increased tension between Northern and Southern states.

After Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, 11 Southern states seceded (or withdrew) from the Union and set up an independent government--the Confederate States of America. These events led to the outbreak of the Civil War--a brutal, bloody, four-year conflict that left the South defeated and ended slavery at the cost of more than half a million lives.

  • Events Leading to the American Civil War

  • 1860

  • 1861

  • 1862

  • 1863

  • 1864

  • 1865 & Afterward


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