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Battle of Shiloh - April 7, 1862

What do you know about Battle of Shiloh?
Try this Alan’s US Civil War History Quiz.
Check Your Answers” at the end of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

Battle of Shiloh by Thure de Thulstrup1) The Southern soldiers had withdrawn south into Prentiss's and Sherman's former camps, and Polk's corps retired all the way to the April 5 Confederate bivouac, southwest of Pittsburg Landing.
How many miles southwest of Pittsburg Landing?

  1. 2 miles
  2. 4 miles
  3. 6 miles

2) No line of battle was formed, and few if any commands were resupplied with ammunition.  The soldiers were consumed by the need to locate food, water, and shelter for a much-needed night's rest.

  • True or False?

3. Beauregard, unaware that he was now outnumbered, planned to continue the attack and drive Grant into the river. To his surprise, Union forces started moving forward in a massive counterattack at dawn; Grant and Buell launched their attacks separately; coordination occurred only down at the division level.
Who's division was the first to see action, at the extreme right of the Union line, crossing Tilghman Branch around 7 a.m. and driving back the brigade of Col. Preston Pond.

  1. Lew Wallace
  2. Henry Winkler
  3. Morgan Curtis

4) How long did it take to locate Gen. Polk and bring up his division from its bivouac to the southwest.

  1. Over two hours
  2. Over four hours
  3. Over six hours

5) After heavy fighting, Crittenden's division recaptured the Hornet's Nest area by late morning, but Crittenden and Nelson were both repulsed by determined counterattacks launched by Breckinridge.

  • True or False?

6) In early afternoon, Beauregard launched a series of counterattacks from the area, aiming to ensure control of the Corinth Road.
Where were these counterattacks from?

  1. Humphrey's Peak
  2. Shiloh Church
  3. Tennessee River

7) The Union right was temporarily driven back by these assaults at Water Oaks Pond. Crittenden, reinforced by Tuttle, seized the road junction of the Hamburg-Purdy and East Corinth Roads, driving the Confederates into Prentiss's old camps.

  • True or False?

8) Nelson resumed his attack and seized the heights overlooking Locust Grove Branch by late afternoon. Beauregard's final counterattack was flanked and repulsed when Grant moved a brigade forward.
Who was the brigade?

  1. Col. James C. Veatch's
  2. Col. John "Jack" Hill's
  3. Col. Sam Stieger's

9) Realizing that he had lost the initiative and that he was low on ammunition and food, Beauregard knew he could go no further. He withdrew beyond Shiloh Church, using 5,000 men under Breckinridge as a covering force, massing Confederate batteries at the church and on the ridge south of Shiloh Branch.
How many men were killed, wounded, or missing?

  1. 10,000
  2. 20,000
  3. 30,000

10) Grant's reluctance to act could have been the unusual command relationship he had with Buell. Although Grant was the senior officer and technically was in command of both armies, Buell made it quite clear throughout the two days that he was acting independently.

  • True or False?

Battle of Shiloh - April 7, 1862

1) B. 2 ) True 3) A. 4) A. 5) True 6) B. 7) False 8) A. 9) A. 10) True

Score for this page: _______

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