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Do You Know About The Civil War

John Brown's Raid (October 16, 17, and 18, 1959) - Day 3

John Brown's Raid - Do You Know About the Civil WarLee first offered the role of attacking the engine house to the local militia units on the spot. Both militia commanders declined and Lee turned to the Marines.

This is John Brown's Day 3 Raid quick quiz.

1. Who was Robert E. Lee's volunteer aide-de-camp at Harper's Ferry?

2. If Brown refused to surrender, what was Lee's instructions?

3. What did Brown do when given the surrender terms?

4. What actions did the Marines take?

5. After breaking into "John Brown's Fort", who identified Brown?

6. How did Brown become wounded?

7. How long did it take to capture Brown and his remaining people?

8. Where was Brown taken for trial?

9. What was the verdict at the trial?

10. Of the three U.S. officers that captured Brown and his men, who joined the Confederate military?


1. On the morning of October 18, Col. Lee sent Lt. J.E.B. Stuart, serving as a volunteer aide-de-camp, under a flag of truce to negotiate a surrender of John Brown and his followers.

2. If Brown refused, the Lee instructed Lt. Israel Greene he was to lead the marines in storming the engine house. Stuart told Brown that his men would be spared if they surrendered.

3. Brown refused and Stuart signaled to Lt. Greene and his men.

4. Two marines armed with sledge hammers tried in vain to break through the door. Greene found a wooden ladder and 10 marines used it as a battering ram to knock the front doors in.

5. Greene was the first through the door and with the assistance of Lewis Washington identified and singled out John Brown.

6. Greene cornered Brown and severely wounded him with his saber, not mortally due in part to his use of a dress sword rather than a combat saber. The action inside the engine house happened very quickly.

7. In three minutes all of the raiders were taken prisoner and the action was over.

8. Colonel Lee and Lt. Greene searched the surrounding country for fugitives who had participated in the attack. John Brown was taken to the court house in nearby Charles Town for trial.

9. He was found guilty of treason against the commonwealth of Virginia and was hanged on December 2. Four other raiders were executed on December 15 and two more on March 16, 1860.

10. Colonel Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart and Israel Greene all became officers in the Confederate military during the following Civil War.

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