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Do You Know About The Civil War

John Brown's Raid (October 16, 17, and 18, 1959) - Day 2

John Brown's Raid - Do You Know About the Civil WarArmory workers discovered Brown's men early on the morning of October 17. Local militia, farmers and shopkeepers surrounded the armory. When a company of militia captured the bridge across the Potomac River, any route of escape was cut off.

Here is a John Brown's Raid Day 2 quick quiz.

1. Who was one of the townspeople killed that day?

2. How did the building become known as John Brown's Fort?

3. In an attempt of truce, who was killed carrying a white flag?

4. Who was a raider who tried to swim the Potomac River?

5. When did Brown lose another son?

6. Who sent a detachment of U.S. Marines to Harper's Ferry?

7. Who had overall command of U.S. troops at Harper's Ferry?


1. During the day four townspeople were killed, including the mayor.

2. Realizing his escape was cut, Brown took 9 of his captives and moved into the smaller engine house, which would come to be known as John Brown's Fort. The raiders barred off the windows and doors and exchanged the occasional volley with the surrounding forces.

3. At one point Brown sent out his son, Watson, and another with a white flag, but they were shot dead. The raid was rapidly deteriorating.

4. One of the raiders named William H. Leeman panicked and tried to escape by swimming across the Potomac River. The townspeople, reportedly drunk, made sport of shooting up Leeman's body.

5. During the intermittent shooting Brown's other son, Oliver was shot and died after a brief period.

6. By 3:30 that afternoon President James Buchanan ordered a detachment of U.S. Marines to march on Harper's Ferry.

7. The choice to command this detachment was Brevet Colonel Robert E. Lee of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, who was on leave from Texas visiting his family in nearby Arlington. Upon his arrival at Harpers Ferry, Lee first decided to close all the local saloons in an attempt to control the townspeople drunken shooting.

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