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Battle of Gettysburg
Second Day: Little Round Top (July 2, 1863)

What do you know about Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day: Little Round Top?
Try this Civil War History Made Easy Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof ABE1) Little Round Top is approximately two miles south of Gettysburg, with a rugged, steep slope rising 150 feet above nearby Plum Run to the west (the peak is 650 feet above sea level), strewn with large boulders. The western slope is generally free from vegetation, while the summit and eastern and southern slopes are lightly wooded. Directly to the south is its companion hill, Big Round Top, 130 feet higher and densely wooded.

  • True or False?

2) Little Round Top is undefended by Union troops. Climbing Little Round Top, a Union general finds only a small Signal Corps station there. He sees the glint of bayonets in the sun to the southwest and realizes that a Confederate assault into the Union flank is imminent. He hurriedly sends staff officers, to find help from any available units in the vicinity. 
Who is the Union general?

  1. Gouverneur K. Warren
  2. Warren G. Harding
  3. James Garfield
  4. John Small

3) Col. Strong Vincent, commander of the third brigade, seizes the initiative and directs his four regiments to Little Round Top without waiting for permission.
What unit does Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain command on Little Round Top?

  1. 20th Pennsylvania
  2. 20th New Jersey
  3. 20th Vermont
  4. 20th Maine

4) Dispatching the 4th, 15th, and 47th Alabama, and the 4th and 5th Texas to Little Round Top, Brig. Gen. Evander Law orders his men to take the hill. The men are exhausted, having marched more than 20 miles that day to reach this point. The 15th Alabama, repositions further right and attempts to find the Union left flank. 
Who commands the 15th Alabama?

  1. Col. Abraham Johnson
  2. Col. Harry Morrison
  3. Col. William Kinney
  4. Col. William C. Oates

5) On the final charge, knowing that his men are out of ammunition, that his numbers are being depleted, and further knowing that another charge can not be repulsed, Chamberlain orders a maneuver that is considered unusual for the day:  He orders his left flank, which has been pulled back, to advance with bayonets.

  • True or False?

6) Rallying the crumbling regiment (the smallest in his brigade, with only 263 men) several times, Vincent is mortally wounded during one Texas charge and is succeeded by Colonel James C. Rice. Vincent dies on July 7, but not before receiving a deathbed promotion to brigadier general.  
What is the regiment?

  1. 16th Michigan
  2. 26th Michigan
  3. 36th Michigan
  4. 46th Michigan

7) Before the Michiganders can be demoralized, reinforcements arrive in the form of a infantry regiment and a battery of four guns, Battery D, 5th U.S. Artillery, commanded by Lt. Charles E. Hazlett. 
What is the regiment?

  1. 14th New York
  2. 140th New York
  3. 240th New York
  4. 28th New York

8) Simply maneuvering these guns by hand up the steep and rocky slope of the hill is an amazing achievement.

  • True or False?

9) Who is NOT killed in the fighting on Little Round Top?

  1. Patrick "Paddy" O'Rorke
  2. Stephen Weed's
  3. Charles E. Hazlett
  4. Robert J. Baker

10) Little Round Top is the starting point for a Union counterattack at dusk on July 2, conducted by the 3rd Division of the V Corps (the Pennsylvania Reserves) under Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford.  
It is launched in the direction of what battlefield segment?

  1. Devil's Den
  2. Seminary Ridge
  3. Peach Orchard
  4. Wheatfield

11) On July 3, Hazlett's battery (now under the command of Lt. Benjamin Rittenhouse) fires into the flank of the Confederate assault known as Pickett's Charge. Near the end of that engagement, General Meade observes from Little Round Top and contemplates his options for a possible counterattack against Lee.

  • True or False?

12) The battle on July 2 is one of bloodiest Civil War battles. Of the 2,996 Union troops engaged, there is 565 casualties (134 killed, 402 wounded, 29 missing); Confederate losses of 4,864 engaged are 1,185 (279 killed, 868 wounded, 219 missing).

  • True or False?

Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day: Little Round Top (Answers)

1) True 2) A. 3) D. 4) D. 5) True 6) A. 7) B. 8) True 9) D. 10) D. 11) True 12) False. The battle on July 2 is not as bloody as some Civil War battles. Of the 2,996 Union troops engaged, there are 565 casualties (134 killed, 402 wounded, 29 missing); Confederate losses of 4,864 engaged were 1,185 (279 killed, 868 wounded, 219 missing).

  1. True
  2. Gouverneur K. Warren
  3. 20th Maine
  4. Col. William C. Oates
  5. True
  6. 16th Michigan
  7. 140th New York
  8. True
  9. Robert J. Baker
  10. Wheatfield
  11. True

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