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Battle of Gettysburg
First Day: Morning

What do you know about Battle of Gettysburg: First Day: Morning

Try this Alan's U.S. Civil War History Made Easy Quiz.

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1) GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, Morning
- Union cavalry commanded by Brig. Gen. John Buford were awaiting the approach of Confederate infantry forces from the direction of Cashtown, to the northwest. Confederate forces from the brigade of Brig. Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew had briefly clashed with Union forces the day before but believed they were Pennsylvania militia of little consequence, not the regular army cavalry that was screening the approach of the Army of the Potomac.
What cavalry division of the Army of the Potomac, did John Buford command?

  • First Division
  • Second Division
  • Third Division
  • Fourth Division

2) GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, Morning - General Buford realized the importance of the high ground directly to the south of Gettysburg. He knew that if the Confederates could gain control of the heights, Meade's army would have a hard time dislodging them. He decided to utilize three ridges west of Gettysburg: Herr Ridge, McPherson Ridge, and Seminary Ridge (proceeding west to east toward the town). Early that morning, the commander of the Left Wing of the Army of the Potomac, ordered his corps to march to Buford's location, with the XI Corps (Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard) to follow closely behind.
Who commanded the Union left wing?

  • Marcus Ambrose
  • Henry Marshall
  • John F. Reynolds
  • Arnold Woods

3) HERR RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, Morning - Confederate Maj. Gen. Henry Heth's division, from Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill's Third Corps, advanced towards Gettysburg. Heth deployed no cavalry and led, unconventionally, with the artillery battalion.
Who commanded the artillery battalion?

  • William J. Collins
  • William J. Jenkins
  • William J. Moore
  • William J. Pegram

4) HERR RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 7:30 A.M. - Two infantry brigades followed, commanded by Brig. Gens. James J. Archer and Joseph R. Davis, proceeding easterly in columns. Three miles west of town, Heth's two brigades met light resistance from cavalry outposts and deployed into line. Eventually, they reached dismounted troopers from Col. William Gamble's cavalry brigade.
The two brigades followed what route?

  • Baltimore Pike
  • Chambersburg Pike
  • Hagerstown Road
  • Harrisburg Road

5) MCPHERSON RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 10 A.M. - The morning infantry fighting occurred mostly on McPherson Ridge. To the north, an unfinished railroad bed opened three shallow cuts in the ridges. To the south, the dominant features were Willoughby Run and Herbst Woods (sometimes called McPherson Woods, but they were the property of John Herbst). Brig. Gen. Lysander Cutler's Union brigade opposed Davis's brigade; two of Cutler's regiments were north of the Pike, two to the south. To the left of Cutler, Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredith's Iron Brigade opposed Archer.

  • True or False?

General John F. Reynolds directed both brigades into position and placed guns from the Maine battery of Capt. James A. Hall. While the general rode his horse along the east end of Herbst Woods, shouting "Forward men! Forward for God's sake, and drive those fellows out of the woods," he fell from his horse, killed instantly by a bullet striking him behind the ear.
Who replace Reynolds?

  • Abner Doubleday
  • Solomon Meredith
  • Patrick Moloney
  • Thomas A. Rowley

7) McPHERSON RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 10:40 A.M. - On the right of the Union line, three regiments of Cutler's brigade were fired on by Davis's brigade before they could get into position on the ridge. Davis's line overlapped the right of Cutler's, making the Union position untenable, and Wadsworth ordered Cutler's regiments back to Seminary Ridge. The commander of the 147th New York, Lt. Col. Francis C. Miller, was shot before he could inform his troops of the withdrawal, and they remained to fight under heavy pressure until a second order came.
In under 30 minutes, what percent of Gen. Cutler's 1,007 men became casualties?

  • 25 %
  • 35 %
  • 45 %
  • 55 %

8) McPHERSON RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 10:45 A.M. - South of the pike, James Archer's men were expecting an easy fight against dismounted cavalrymen and were astonished to recognize the black Hardee hats worn by the men facing them through the woods: the famous Iron Brigade, formed from regiments in the Western states of Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, had a reputation as fierce, tenacious fighters. As the Confederates crossed Willoughby Run and climbed the slope into Herbst Woods, they were enveloped on their right by the longer Union line, the reverse of the situation north of the pike. General Archer was most likely positioned around the 14th Tennessee when he was captured by Company G., 2nd Wisconsin.
Who captured Archer?

  • Hugh McGregor
  • Patrick Moloney
  • Tim Rodgers
  • Bob Wire

9) McPHERSON RIDGE, GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 11 A.M. - The 6th Wisconsin, commanded by Lt. Col. Rufus R. Dawes, was sent north in the direction of Davis's disorganized brigade. The Wisconsin men paused at the fence along the pike and fired, which halted Davis's attack on Cutler's men and caused many of them to seek cover in the railroad cut. The 6th was joined by the 95th New York and the 84th New York (also known as the 14th Brooklyn) along the pike. The three regiments charged to the railroad cut, where Davis's men were seeking cover. The three Union regiments lost 390-440 of 1,184 engaged, but they had blunted Davis's attack, prevented them from striking the rear of the Iron Brigade.

  • True or False?

10) GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 11:30 A.M. - The battlefield was temporarily quiet. Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard was surveying the area from the roof of the dry-goods store downtown at about 11:30 when he heard that Reynolds had been killed and that he was now in command of all Union forces on the field.
What was the name of the dry-goods store?

  • Baker Brotheres
  • Fahnestock Brothers
  • Harry Showalter and Sons
  • Whitehalls

11) GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, July 1, 1863, 12:30 A.M. - Confederate forces were on the way with two divisions of the Second Corps, commanded by Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell, were approaching Gettysburg from the north, from the towns of Carlisle and York.  The five brigades of Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes marched down the Carlisle Road but left it before reaching town to advance down the wooded crest of Oak Ridge, where they could link up with the left flank of Hill's Corps.
Who commands the four brigades down the Harrisburg Road.

  • Jubal A. Early
  • Marcus Canby
  • John S. Mosby
  • JEB Stuart

12) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1, 1863, 1:00 P.M. - Union generals reorganized their lines as more units of the I Corps arrived. First on hand was the Corps Artillery under Col. Charles S. Wainwright, followed by two brigades from Doubleday's division, now commanded by Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Rowley, which Doubleday placed on either end of his line.
What Corps arrived from the south before noon, moving up the Taneytown and Emmitsburg Roads.

  • II Cops
  • VI Corps
  • XI Corps
  • XII Corps
Check Your Answers

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Battle of Gettysburg
First Day: Morning

  1. First Division
  2. John F. Reynolds
  3. William J. Pegram
  4. Chambersburg Pike
  5. True
  6. Abner Doubleday
  7. 45 %
  8. Patrick Moloney
  9. True
  10. Fahnestock Brothers
  11. Jubal A. Early
  12. XI Corps
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