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Battle of Gettysburg
Second Day: Hood's Assault

What do you know about Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day: Hood's Assault?
Try this U.S. Civil War History Made Easy Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 32 points!

1) Throughout the evening of July 1 and morning of July 2, most of the remaining infantry of both armies arrive on the field, including the Union II, III, V, VI, and XII Corps. Battle of Gettysburg
What Confederate unit does NOT arrive until late on July 2?

  1. Pickett's Division, commanded by George Pickett

  2. McLaw's Division commanded by Lafayette McLaws

  3. Rodes Division commanded by Robert E. Rodes

  4. Alexander's Battalion commanded by Edward Porter Alexander

2) The Union line runs from Culp's Hill southeast of the town, northwest to Cemetery Hill just south of town, then south for nearly two miles along Cemetery Ridge, ending just north of Little Round Top.
What is the shape of the Union line popularly called?

  1. "fishhook"

  2. "angle"

  3. "spear"

  4. "scar"

3) What is the distance between the Union and Confederate lines?

  1. About 1/2 to 1 mile

  2. About 1 to 2 miles

  3. About 2 to 4 miles

  4. About 4 to 6 miles

4) Seeing higher ground more favorable to artillery positions a half mile to the west, he advances his corps [without orders] to the slightly higher ground along the Emmitsburg Road.  The new line runs from Devil's Den, northwest to the Sherfy farm's Peach Orchard, then northeast along the Emmitsburg Road to south of the Codori farm.
Who is the Union general dissatisfied with the position assigned him on the southern end of Cemetery Ridge?

  1. Maj. Gen. Daniel Sickles's III Corps

  2. Maj. Gen. John Newton's I Corps

  3. Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum's XII Corps

  4. Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick VI Corps

5) Longstreet's attack is delayed, however, because he first has to wait for his final brigade to arrive, and then he is forced to march on a long, circuitous route that can not be seen by Union Army Signal Corps observers on Little Round Top.  By the time his two divisions reach their jumping off points, and then he and his generals are astonished to find the III Corps planted directly in front of them on the Emmitsburg Road.
What is Longstreet's last brigade to arrive at the battlefield?

  1. Evander M. Law's, Hood's division

  2. Jerome B. Robertson's, Hood's division

  3. George T. Anderson's, Hood's division

  4. Henry L. Benning's, Hood's division

6) Longstreet's attack commences with a 30-minute artillery barrage by 36 guns that is particularly punishing to the Union infantry in the Peach Orchard and the troops and batteries on Houck's Ridge.

  • True or False?

7) He stands in his stirrups at the front of the Texas Brigade and shouts, "Fix bayonets, my brave Texans! Forward and take those heights!" It is unclear to which heights he was referring. He is felled by an artillery shell bursting overhead, severely wounding his left arm and putting him out of action.
Who is the Confederate general?

  1. Evander McClain

  2. John Bell Hood

  3. John Greene

  4. Jefferson Johns

8) Devils Den, Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 - Devil's Den is a rocky expanse of shrubs and scrub trees, the southernmost part of Houck's Ridge, directly west of Little Round Top across the Plum Run Valley.  Soldiers call it the "Valley of the Dolls".

  • True or False?

9) Devil's Den is the extreme left of the III Corps line, manned by the large brigade (six regiments and two companies of sharpshooters) of Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward, in Maj. Gen. David B. Birney's division.
What is their total strength?

  1. 200 men in all

  2. 1,200 men in all

  3. 2,200 men in all

  4. 3,200 men in all

10) The 3rd Arkansas and the 1st Texas hit Ward's brigade line head-on.
What is the name of the wood's they drive through?

  1. Mountain Woods

  2. Cucumber Woods

  3. Baker Woods

  4. Rose Woods

11) In the first 30 minutes, a regiment loses more than half of its men. Its colonel, John Wheeler, is killed and its lieutenant colonel wounded.
What is the regiment?

  1. 20th Indiana

  2. 25th Indiana

  3. 20th Illinois

  4. 20th Iowa

12) Two regiments from Law's brigade that has split from the column advancing to the Round Tops pushed up Plum Run Valley and threaten to turn Ward's flank. Their target is the 4th Maine and the 124th New York, defending the 4th New York Independent artillery battery, whose fire is causing considerable disruption in Law's brigade's advance.
Who commands the 4th New York Independent artillery battery?

  1. Captain Roger Smith

  2. Captain James Smith

  3. Captain Richard Clark

  4. Captain Melvin Reynolds

13) The commander of the 124th New York, Colonel Augustus Van Horne Ellis, and his major, James Cromwell, decide to counterattack. They mount their horses despite the protests of soldiers who urge them to lead more safely on foot. Maj. Cromwell says, "The men must see us today." They lead the charge of their "Orange Blossoms" regiment to the west, down the slope of Houck's Ridge through a triangular field surrounded by a low stone fence, sending the 1st Texas reeling back 200 yards. But both Colonel Ellis and Major Cromwell are shot dead as the Texans rallied with a massed volley; and the New Yorkers retreat to their starting point, with only 100 survivors from the 283 they started with. As reinforcements from the 99th Pennsylvania arrive. Ward's brigade retakes the crest.

  • True or False?

14) Who writes that the Confederates "converged on me like an avalanche, but we piled all the dead and wounded men in our front."?

  1. Regis de Trobriand

  2. Henry Benning

  3. George "Tige" Anderson

  4. William T. Collins

15) The assaults by Hood's brigades are classic, tough infantry fights. Of 2,423 Union troops engaged, there are 821 casualties (138 killed, 548 wounded, 135 missing); the 5,525 Confederates lose 1,814 (329 killed, 1,107 wounded, 378missing).

  • True or False?

Battle of Gettysburg
Second Day: Hoo
d's Assault

 1) A. 2) A. 3) A. 4) A. 5) A. 6) True 7) B. 8) False. Soldiers call it the "Valley of Death".9) C. 10) D.
 11) A. 12) B. 13) True 14) A. 15) True

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