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Battle of Corrick's Ford: July 13, 1861

What do you know about the The Battle of Corrick's Ford  (July 13, 1861)?

Try this Alan's US Civil War History Made Easy Quiz

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1) On June 15, who assigned Gen. Robert S. Garnett to reorganize the Confederate forces in Western Virginia (now West Virginia)?

  • Jefferson Davis
  • Thomas J. Jackson
  • Robert E. Lee

2) Garnett deployed his forces at strategic points along the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike, hoping to defend the vital supply route from the Federal troops.

  • True or False?

3) Who was the Union commander of the Union forces in Western Virginia?

George Crook
Rutherford B. Hayes
George B. McClellan

4) On July 11, 1861, what battle did Garnett’s forces lose?

  • Battle of Grafton
  • Battle of Lowndes Hill
  • Battle of Rich Mountain

5) In a midnight retreat, where did Garnett withdraw towards?

  • Alexander
  • Beverly
  • Rock Cave

6) Garnett received false information that McClellan's men occupied the town. The Confederates backtracked.
Where did they abandoned the Turnpike?

  • Bowden
  • Fairview
  • Leadsville

7) What mountain did the Confederate force cross?

  • Bald Knob
  • Cheat Mountain
  • Spruce Mountain

8) Who pursued Garnett and his 4,500 troops with his Indiana brigade?

  • Union Col. Thomas A. Edison
  • Union Brig. Gen. James A. Garfield
  • Union Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Morris

9) Around noon on July 13, Union troops overtook Garnett's rear guard at Corrick's Ford and attacked the retreating Confederates.
What town is Corrick’s Ford near?

  • Davis
  • Elkins
  • Parsons

10) Garnett withdrew to another ford a mile or two farther away. The running skirmish resumed and as Garnett again prepared to retreat, a Union volley killed him instantly. The Confederates fled, abandoning their dead commander, one cannon, and nearly 40 wagons.

  • True or False?

11) A friend in the Union Army recovered Garnett's body after the battle. He was the first general officer killed in the Civil War.
Where is Gen. Robert S. Garnett buried?

  • next to his wife in Champlain Estate Cemetery in Lloyds, Virginia
  • next to his wife in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York
  • next to his wife in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia

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