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McClellan's Pursuit of Lee

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterGeneral George McClellan moved out of Washington with his 87,000-man army in a lethargic pursuit. He was a naturally cautious general and assumed he would be facing over 120,000 Confederates. 

He also was maintaining running arguments with the government in Washington, demanding that the forces defending the capital city report to him.

Follow McClellan's Pursuit of Lee in this quick quiz.

1. Union soldiers discovered a mislaid copy of the detailed campaign plans of Lee's army wrapped around three cigars. What was the order number?

2. Who was directed to Turner's Gap?

3. What gap was Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin's troops sent too?

4. What was the importance of South Mountain?

5. How did Lee find that his order was compromised?

6. Why did Lee decide not to abandon the invasion?

7. Where did elements of Lee's army wait to McClellan?

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