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Antietam: The March into Maryland

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterGeneral Robert E. Lee divided his army as it moved into Maryland. After receiving intelligence of militia activity in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Lee sent Maj. Gen. James Longstreet to Boonsboro and then to Hagerstown. 

(The intelligence overstated the threat since only 20 militiamen were in Chambersburg at the time.) Maj. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was ordered to seize the Union arsenal at Harpers Ferry. 

This left only the thinly spread cavalry of Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart and the division of Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill to guard the army's rear at South Mountain.

March into Maryland with this quick quiz.

True or False?

1. The specific reason Lee chose this risky strategy of splitting his army to capture Harpers Ferry is well known.

2. Before he entered Maryland Lee had assumed that the Federal garrisons at Winchester, Martinsburg, and Harpers Ferry would be cut off and abandoned without firing a shot

3. McClellan requested permission from Washington to evacuate Harpers Ferry and attach its garrison to his army, but his request was refused.

4. Lee's invasion was fraught with difficulties from the beginning.

5. After crossing into Maryland, Lee lost almost fifty percent of his troops.

6. Lee's was treated as conquering heroes as they marched into Maryland.

7. Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin called for 50,000 militia to turn out, and he nominated Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds, a native Pennsylvanian, to command them.

8. Lee regarded Baltimore as a hotbed of secession.

9. Residents of Baltimore were excited about the invasion, they prepared vast food supplies to feed Lee's army.

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