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Antietam: The Battle of Mile Hill (September 2, 1862)

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterThe Battle of Mile Hill was an American Civil War cavalry skirmish that took place just north of Leesburg, Virginia, on September 2, 1862. It preceded the occupation of the town by the Army of Northern Virginia just prior to its crossing of the Potomac River starting the Maryland Campaign.

Follow the 2nd Virginia Cavalry as they clear Leesburg, Virginia quick quiz.


1. Who commanded the 2nd Virginia Cavalry?

2. Who led a squadron of cavalry through Leesburg?

3. Who did Irving find guarding the court house?

4. The Union forces fell back on what Maryland unit?

5. Did Munford clear Leesburg and the Potomac River area of Union forces?

6. What was the causalities of the battle?

7. Today, where would you find the main battlefield?

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