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Bugs Bunny II

Choose an answer from the three choices offered after each question and True or False.  Then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Hey Doc, Try this Cartoon Trivia1. Bugs would say, "Of course you realize, this means war!"  Who did he imitate?

  • George Burns
  • Gracie Allen
  • Groucho Marx

2. Who was NOT a creator of Bugs Bunny?

  • Ben "Bugs" Hardaway
  • Friz Freleng
  • Jed Clampett

3. Bugs' second appearance came in 1939's Prest-O Change-O, directed by Chuck Jones. Who was unseen character he the pet rabbit too.

  • Sham-Fu the Magician
  • Duke Wayne the Rodeo Star
  • Ben Kinchloe the Poker player

4. On July 27,1940, with the cartoon's release, directed by Tex Avery, Bugs Bunny's makes his first official appearance. What was the cartoon?

  • A Wild Hare
  • Beaky Buzzard
  • The Fortune of Bugs

5. What was Bugs' first cartoon in the Looney Tunes series?

  • Buckaroo Bugs
  • Come Back Elmer
  • On the Road to Albuquerque

6. In the cartoon Super-Rabbit, Bugs was seen in the end wearing a USMC dress uniform. As a result, the United States Marine Corps made Bugs an honorary Marine. What was his rank?

  • Private
  • Master Sergeant
  • Captain

7. In 1997, Bugs appeared on a U.S. postage stamp, the first toon to be so honored, beating even the iconic Mickey Mouse.

  • True or False?

8. Bugs Bunny's nonchalant carrot-chewing standing position, as explained by Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, and Bob Clampett. Bugs copied a scene that was in well-known popular film. They were sure viewers at the time likely recognized Bugs Bunny's behavior as satire.

  • It Happened One Night
  • Hud
  • King Kong

9. "What's up doc?" was a popular phrase in what state at the time, according to one of the creator of Bugs.

  • Texas
  • California
  • New York

10. In the fall of 1960, The Bugs Bunny Show, a television program which packaged many of the post-1948 Warners shorts with newly animated wraparounds. What was the network that the show ran on?

  • ABC
  • Fox
  • CBS

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Bugs Bunny II

  • 1. Groucho Marx
  • 2. Jed Clampett
  • 3. Sham-Fu the Magician
  • 4. A Wild Hare
  • 5. Buckaroo Bugs
  • 6. Master Sergeant
  • 7. True
  • 8. It Happened One Night
  • 9. Texas
  • 10. ABC
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