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Bugs Bunny

What do you know about Bugs Bunny
Try this Cartoon Trivia quiz. 
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Hey Doc, Try this Cartoon Trivia1. What Bugs Bunny cartoon won Best Animated Short Film?

  • Yosemite Sam Takes Georgia
  • Only the Hare Knows
  • Knighty Knight Bugs

2. Happy Rabbit (the prototype of Bugs Bunny) first appeared in the cartoon released on April 30, 1938.
What was the cartoon?

  • Porky's Easter Hunt
  • Porky's Hare Hunt
  • Porky's Daylight Adventure

3. Bugs Bunny per se first appeared in A Wild Hare which was directed by Tex Avery and released on July 27,1940.
What was the famous line with Elmer Fudd?

  • "This means war"
  • "What's up, Doc"
  • "Oh, yes!"

4. Who was the original voice of Bugs Bunny?

  • Mel Blanc
  • Clarence Harriet
  • Bruce Allen

5. What's Opera, Doc?, features Bugs and Elmer parodying Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, and has been deemed "culturally significant" and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.
Who gave this cartoon that honor?

  • US Congress
  • US President
  • US Library of Congress

6. Bugs appeared in the 1957 short Show Biz Bugs with Daffy Duck, and it features a controversial finish in which Daffy Duck, in an attempt to wow the audience, did a dangerous magical act in which he swallows TNT, uranium-238, gunpowder, drinks gasoline, gives it a shake, and swallowed a match.
What did some TV stations and cable networks do?

  • To edit out that dangerous act for fearing that young kids may try to imitate it.
  • Ban the cartoon from the station and network.
  • Just left it alone.

7. The Wabbit Who Came to Supper is a 1942 Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring early appearances by Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. 
Mel Blanc performed all the voices, except for Elmer, who was the voice?

  • Riley J. Cosby
  • Max Baer
  • Arthur Q. Bryan

8. Bugs makes his last appearance in a 1964 theatrical cartoon.
What was the name?

  • False Hare
  • That's a Hare of a Story
  • Only the Hare Knows

9. In a number of cartoons, Bugs tunnels and make a wrong turn.
Where did Bug make a wrong turn at?

  • Albukoikee
  • Atlanter
  • Albuny

10. In 2002, TV Guide compiled a list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time as part of the magazine's 50th anniversary.
What did Bugs Bunny rank?

  • #1
  • #10
  • #25
Check Your Answers

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Bugs Bunny

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  5. US Library of Congress
  6. To edit out that dangerous act for fearing that young kids may try to imitate it.
  7. Arthur Q. Bryan
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  9. Albukoikee
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