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1) Brothers Richard "Dick" J. McDonald (February 16, 1909 - July 14, 1998) and Maurice "Mac" McDonald (November 26, 1902 - December 11, 1971) were two early American fast food pioneers, originally from Manchester, New Hampshire, who established the first McDonald's restaurant in 1940.
Where was the first McDonalds?

  1. Phoenix, Arizona

  2. Des Plaines, Illinois

  3. San Bernardino, California

2) In 1937, the brothers' first food venture was a hot-dog stand in Monrovia, California.
What was the venture called?

  1. Airdrome

  2. Mickey D's

  3. Irish Dogs

3) In 1940, the first McDonald's served what kind of food in a drive in?

  1. Irish

  2. Barbecue

  3. Hot Dogs

4) However, in 1948, the brothers closed down the restaurant and remade it. They served hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.
What did the concept became know as?

  1. "Treat Every Customer with Respect"

  2. "Speedee Service System"

  3. "Made Your Way, Now"

5) The brothers began franchising in 1953, beginning in Phoenix, Arizona.
Who was the first McDonald's franchisee?

  1. Dave Fox

  2. Marion Morrison

  3. Mike McWeeney

6) The present corporation dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc, on April 15, 1955, the ninth McDonald's restaurant overall.
Where was the restaurant located?

  1. Des Plaines, Illinois

  2. Chicago, Illinois

  3. Springfield, Illinois

7) What year did Ray Kroc buy the McDonald's interest?

  1. 1954

  2. 1957

  3. 1961

8) What did Ray Kroc do before finding the McDonald brothers and owning McDonald's?

  1. Car salesman

  2. Multi-mix milkshake salesman

  3. Animator for Walt Disney

9) How much did Ray Kroc pay the McDonald brothers for their interest in the business?

  1. $2.7 million

  2. $4.7 million

  3. $12.4 million

10) Who wrote the song "You deserve a break today"?

  1. Barry Manilow

  2. Kenny Karen

  3. Ray Kroc

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1) C. 2) A. 3) B. 4) B. 5) A. 6) A. 7) C. 8) B. 9) A. 10) B.


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