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Burroughs Corporation

1) Burroughs Corporation began in 1886 as the American Arithmometer Company an adding machine invented by William Seward Burroughs.
Where did the company begin?Alan's Dad in front of branch office with adding machine

  1. St. Louis, Missouri

  2. Detroit, Michigan

  3. Chicago, Illinois

2) William Seward Burroughs I (January 28, 1857 - September 14, 1898) was an American inventor.
Where was he born?

  1. Rochester, NY

  2. New York City, NY

  3. Boston, MA

3) What was the machine William S. Burroughs invented and had a patented first called?

  1. Adding machine

  2. Calculating machine

  3. Math machine

4) What relation was William S. Burroughs, Beat Generation writer to the adding machine inventor?

  1. Nephew

  2. Cousin

  3. Grandson

5) The company moved to Detroit, Michigan and changed their name Burroughs Adding Machine Company. What years was this?

  1. 1898

  2. 1900

  3. 1904

Burroughs Corporation Trivia from Alan's Business Trivia Quiz6) The Company developed a range of adding machines with different capabilities and created the office accounting machine range that began with the _________, which had a moving programmable carriage to maintain ledgers. (Fill in the blank.)

  1. Sensimatic

  2. Tritontic

  3. ElectroData

7) What year was the Burroughs Adding Machine Company renamed the Burroughs Corporation and began moving into computer products, initially for banking institutions?

  1. 1949

  2. 1953

  3. 1955

8) Burroughs in the late 1960s, produced the D2000, D4000 range - also known as the TC500 (Terminal Computer 500) which had a golf ball printer and disk memory. These were popular as branch terminals to the B5500/6500/6700 Systems, which sold well in the Banking Sector.
What was the disk memory size?

  1. 1K (80 bit)

  2. 10K (124 bit)

  3. 256MB (256 bit)

9) This move began with the purchase in June 1956, of The ElectroData. They had built the Datatron 205 and was working on the Datatron 220. The first major computer product that came from this marriage was the B205 Tube computer.
Where was the ElectroData located?

  1. Pasadena, California

  2. Detroit, Michigan

  3. Glasgow, Scotland

10) Burroughs was one of the eight major United States computer companies (with IBM, the largest, Honeywell, NCR Corporation, Control Data Corporation, General Electric, RCA and UNIVAC) through most of the 1960s. IBM's share of the market at the time was so much larger than all of the others.
What was this group was often sarcastically referred to as?

  1. IBM and the Seven Computer Companies

  2. IBM and the Seven Dwarfs

  3. IBM and the Wild Bunch

11) The Burroughs Corporation developed three highly innovative architectures, based on the design philosophy of "language directed design". Their machine instruction sets favored one or many high level programming languages. The architectures were considered "main-frame" class machines.
What was NOT one of the programming languages?

  1. ALGOL

  2. COBOL

  3. XENIX

Burroughs Corporation Trivia from Alan's Business Trivia Quiz12) Burroughs also made military computers, such as the D825, in its Great Valley Laboratory. The D825 was, according to some scholars, the first true multiprocessor computer.
Where was the plant?

  1. Paoli, Pennsylvania

  2. Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

  3. St. Louis, Missouri

13) Burroughs B205 hardware has appeared as props in many Hollywood TV and movie productions from the 1960s onwards.  A B205 console was often shown in the TV series Batman as the Bat Computer; also as the computer in what other sci-fi TV series?

  1. Lost in Space

  2. Star Trek

  3. Lost World

14) In September 1986, Burroughs Corporation merged with another corporation to form Unisys.
Who did they merge with?

  1. Sperry Corporation

  2. Remington

  3. NCR Corporation

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Burroughs Corporation

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