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Born: 1590, near present day Plymouth, Massachusetts

SquantoTisquantum, more commonly known today as Squanto, or 'Big Bean' was a Patuxet American Indian who is best known for assisting the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World.

Tisquantum's assistance to the Europeans is remarkable because he was thrice kidnapped and enslaved in Europe before returning to America to find that his entire tribe had been wiped out by a plague brought by the European explorers. Today he is remembered in American folklore regarding his role in the first Thanksgiving.

Died: November 1622, Chatham, Massachusetts

In 1622, in present-day Chatham, Massachusetts, while on a trading expedition between the Pilgrims and the Cape Cod native people, Tisquantum became ill with "Indian Fever," began to bleed from the nose, and died. Peace between the two groups lasted for another fifty years.

 Where is Squanto buried?

  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan
  • Chief Squanto Memorial Marker, Chatham, Massachusetts

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Angels on your pillowChief Squanto Memorial Marker, Chatham, Massachusetts

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