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Barbara Stanwyck

Born: July 16, 1907, New York City, New York
Died: January 20, 1990 (age 82), Santa Monica, California

Barbara Stanwyck (Ruby Catherine Stevens) was an American actress, a star of film and television, known during her 60-year career as a consummate and versatile professional with a strong screen presence, and a favorite of directors such as Cecil B. DeMille, Fritz Lang and Frank Capra. After a short stint as a stage actress, she made more than 80 films in 38 years in Hollywood, before turning her considerable talent to television.

What do you know about Barbara Stanwyck? Try this quick quiz.

1. When she was two, her mother, who was pregnant at the time, died after being pushed off a moving trolley by a drunk. By age four, her father had abandoned the family. She was raised in foster homes and by an elder sister, but began working at age 13, and was a fashion model and Ziegfeld Girl by the age of 15. True or False?

2. In 1926, a friend introduced Stanwyck (then known under her original name) to Willard Mack. Asked to audition, she was hired on the spot. What was the play?

3. What movie did Stanwyck get her first Academy Award for Best Actress nomination?

4. Stanwyck appeared with Joel McCrea and Anthony Quinn in Cecil B. DeMille's western. What was the Western?

5. In 1954, she appeared in the western Cattle Queen of Montana. Who was her co-star?

6. Stanwyck did win an Emmy Award for The Big Valley. True or False?

7. In 1928 she married Frank Fay (1928-1935). Who was her second husband?

8. What was the cause of death?

9. Where is Barbara Stanwyck buried?


1. True

2. The Noose

3. Stella Dallas

4. Union Pacific (1939)

5. Ronald Reagan

6. True

7. Robert Taylor (1939-1951)

8. She died of congestive heart failure, emphysema and chronic obstructive lung disease at St. John's Hospital, in Santa Monica, California.

Angels on your pillow9. Cremated, Ashes scattered - Lone Pine, California

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