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John D. Rockefeller

Born: July 8, 1839, Richford, New York
Died: May 23, 1937 (age 97), The Casements, Ormond Beach, Florida

John D. Rockefeller - Trivia powered by ABEJohn Davison Rockefeller was an American industrialist and philanthropist. Rockefeller revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy. 

In 1870, he founded the Standard Oil Company and ran it until he officially retired in 1897. Standard Oil began as an Ohio partnership formed by John D. Rockefeller, his brother William Rockefeller, Henry Flagler, chemist Samuel Andrews, and a silent partner Stephen V. Harkness. 

Rockefeller kept his stock and as gasoline grew in importance, his wealth soared and he became the world's richest man and first American billionaire, and is often regarded as the richest person in history.

What do you know about John D. Rockefeller? Try the quick quiz.

1. In September 1855, when Rockefeller was 16 he got his first job as an assistant bookkeeper. Working for a small produce commission firm called "Hewitt & Tuttle", the full salary for his first three months' work was $50. At that time he made a promise. What was the promise?

2. In 1859, Rockefeller went into the produce commission business with a partner, Maurice B. Clark. Their firm, Clark & Rockefeller, built an oil refinery in 1863 in "The Flats", then Cleveland's burgeoning industrial area. In February 1865, Rockefeller bought out the Clark brothers and established the firm of Rockefeller & Andrews. What did he pay the Clark brothers?

3. In January 1870, Rockefeller formed an oil company which rapidly became the most profitable refiner in Cleveland. What company was formed?

4. Standard Oil gradually gained almost complete control of oil refining and marketing in the United States through horizontal integration. At that time, many legislatures had made it difficult to incorporate in one state and operate in another. As a result, Rockefeller and his associates owned separate corporations across dozens of states, making their management of the whole enterprise rather unwieldy. In 1882, Rockefeller's lawyers created an innovative form of corporation to centralize their holdings. It was a corporation of corporations, and the entity's size and wealth drew much attention. What was created?

5. In 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States found Standard Oil Company of New Jersey in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act and held that Standard Oil, which by then still had a 64% market share, originated in illegal monopoly practices and ordered it to be broken up. How many companies was Standard Oil Company of New Jersey broken up into?

6. In 1884, he provided major funding for a college in Atlanta for African-American women (named for Rockefeller's in-laws who were ardent abolitionists before the Civil War). What do we know the name of the college as?

7. Despite his personal preference for homeopathy, Rockefeller, on Frederick T. Gate's advice, became one of the first great benefactors of medical science. In 1901, he founded the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York. It changed its name to Rockefeller University in 1965, after expanding its mission to include graduate education. True or False?

8. What was the cause of death?

9. Where is John D. Rockefeller buried?


1. When he retired he would give one tenth of his money to charity.

2. $72,500

3. Standard Oil of Ohio

4. Standard Oil Trust

5. 34 new companies

6. Spelman College

7. True

8. Rockefeller died of arteriosclerosis, two months shy of his 98th birthday, at the Casements, his home in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Angels on your pillow9. Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

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