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John Ritter

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John RitterBirth: September 17, 1948

Jonathan Southworth �John� Ritter was an American actor and comedian perhaps best known for playing Jack Tripper in the sitcom Three's Company.

Death: September 11, 2003 (age 54)

Ritter fell ill while rehearsing scenes for an episode of 8 Simple Rules. He was taken across the street to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, where he died later that day. The cause of death was an aortic dissection caused by a previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect.

Where are the famous buried?

  • Forest Lawn Cemetery (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California
  • Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California
  • Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum, Altadena, California

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Angels on your pillowForest Lawn Cemetery (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California

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