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Jacob Parrott

Awarded the Medal of Honor

Born: July 17, 1843, Fairfield County, Ohio
Died: December 22, 1908 (age 65), Kenton, Ohio

Jacob Parrott - Trivia powered by ABEJacob Wilson Parrott was a soldier in the volunteer Union army during the American Civil War. He was the first recipient of the Medal of Honor, a new military award first presented by the United States Department of War to several soldiers for their participation in the Great Locomotive Chase.

What do you know about Jacob Parrott? Chase you way with this quick quiz.

1. He joined the United States Army in 1861 as a private in Company K, 33rd Ohio Infantry. What battle did he see his first combat?

  • Battle of Kanawha
  • Battle of Ivy Hill
  • Battle of Kentucky Ridges

2. In April 1862, he volunteered to take part in a daring raid with 21 others (they operated under the command of James J. Andrews). What did the raid become known as?

  • Andrews Raiders
  • The Big Shanty Raid
  • Locomotive Chase

3. What was the name of the train that Andrews and his men commandeered at Big Shanty (now Kennesaw), Georgia on April 12, 1862?

  • Lee
  • General
  • Stonewall

4. Parrott and seven raiders made a successful and remarkable escape from confinement. Traveling for hundreds of miles in predetermined pairs, they all made it back safely to Union lines, including two who were aided by slaves and Union sympathizers and two who floated down the Chattahoochee River until they were eventually rescued by the Union blockade vessel USS Somerset.

  • Fact or Myth?

5. Andrews and all 21 of his men were caught by the Confederates. What happened to Andrews and seven of his men?

  • Hung as spies
  • Sent to prison camp
  • Escaped to New Orleans

6. When did Parrott and his fellow raiders received their Medal of Honor?

  • August 4, 1866
  • March 25, 1863
  • July 20, 1864

7. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1863 after the Battle of Stones River and as a first lieutenant in 1864. When was he made a first lieutenant?

  • 1863
  • 1864
  • 1865

8. What did Parrott do after the war?

  • Train engineer
  • Cabinet maker
  • Army officer

9. What was Parrott's cause of death?

  • Angina pectoris
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac arrest

10. Where was Jacob Parrott buried?

  • Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, Ohio
  • Grove Cemetery, Kenton, Ohio
  • Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

Jacob Parrott Answers

  • 1. Battle of Ivy Hill
  • 2. Andrews Raiders
  • 3. General
  • 4. Fact
  • 5. Hung as spies
  • 6. March 25, 1863
  • 7. 1864
  • 8. Cabinet maker
  • 9. Angina pectoris
  • Angels on your pillow10. Grove Cemetery, Kenton, Ohio

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