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Buford Pusser

Buford Hayse Pusser was the Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee (in West Tennessee), from 1964 to 1970.  Pusser is known for his virtual one-man war on moonshining, gambling, and other vices on the Mississippi-Tennessee border. 

His story has directly inspired several books, movies and two movie remakes and at least one TV series.  The Buford Pusser Museum has been established at the house where he was living at the time of his death in 1974.  Each May, there is a Buford Pusser Festival in his hometown of Adamsville, Tennessee.

What do you know about Buford Pusser?  Take this Where Are Famous People Buried quiz.
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You'll find 10 Questions about Buford Pusser.

1) Buford was born on December 12, 1937 in Finger, McNairy County, Tennessee.  His father, was Carl Pusser and his mother was Helen Pusser.
What was his father occupation?Buford Pusser- Trivia powered by ABE

  1. Police chief
  2. Restaurant owner
  3. Mill worker

2) Buford joined the Marines when he was 18, but his military career was cut short during boot camp. He was given a medical discharge.
What was the reason?

  1. Asthma
  2. Cancer
  3. Cardiac problems

3. He moved to Chicago in 1957, working at Union Bag Co. and also as a wrestler. While there, he met and married his wife, Pauline, on Dec. 5, 1959.

  • True or False?

4. Pusser returned to his hometown of Adamsville, Tennessee, with his wife in 1962. He served as the Adamsville police chief and constable from 1962 to 1964. He then ran for McNairy County, Tennessee, sheriff in 1964 and won, making him at the age of 26 the youngest Tennessee sheriff in state history. Pusser's predecessor as sheriff, James Dickey, died about two weeks before the 1964 election.
What was the cause of Dickey's death?

  1. Auto accident
  2. Heart attack
  3. Gunshot wound

5. At that time, the Dixie Mafia was led by Jack Hathcock who ran The Forty-Five Grill, a restaurant and dance hall near Corinth, Mississippi, just inside the Mississippi state line. In 1950, the restaurant opened, doubling as a gambling/whorehouse with a reputation for violence towards any patrons who complained about crooked games. The restaurant was also the focal point for organized crime that included bootlegging. Hathcock was killed by Carl Douglas "Towhead" White, who successfully claimed self defense. Jack's wife, Louise Hathcock would soon become (or perhaps already was) White's mistress.

  • True or False?

6. On February 1, 1966, Pusser attempted to make an arrest for robbery; when she opened fire on him, he fired back and killed her.
Who did Pusser kill?

  1. Estelle Parsons
  2. Louise Hathcock
  3. Mildred Hill

7. On the pre-dawn morning of August 12, 1967, Pusser's phone rang, informing him of a disturbance call on New Hope Road in McNairy County.  He responded.  After they passed the New Hope Methodist on New Hope Road, two cars came alongside Pusser's; the occupants opened fire, killing Pusser's passenger and leaving Pusser, who had suffered a shotgun wound to the face, for dead.
Who was killed in the car with Pusser?

  1. Helen, his mother
  2. Betty, his aunt
  3. Pauline, his wife

8. What year was the original movie, Walking Tall released?

  1. 1973
  2. 1984
  3. 2004

9. On August 21, 1974, he attended the McNairy County Fair, and while returning home to Adamsville, his car suddenly shot off the road where it crashed and burned, killing him instantly.

  • True or False?

10) Where was Buford Pusser buried?

  1. Woodmen Cemetery, Bowie County, Texas
  2. Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Nashville, Tennessee
  3. Adamsville War Memorial Park, Adamsville, Tennessee

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Buford Pusser [Answers]

1) A. 2) A. 3) True 4) A. 5) True 6) B. 7) C. 8) A. 9) True 10) C. also known as: Adamsville Cemetery, 303 Old Stage Rd, Adamsville, Tennessee.Angels on your pillow

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